Drunk Purchases

This turned up at work the other day. Turns out I’d bought it off eBay last week after reminiscing in the pub.

Pretty chuffed like, it’s still a banger.

Tell me about some of your drunk purchases.


Expecting the Springsteen Live in Hammersmith vinyl box set to turn up any minute…I really want it but maybe not as much as I did when I bought it for £37 last night…


I left my headphones in Glasgow last weekend so on the bus back at like 3 in the morning I bought another set. I was told off by the bf the next day for not at least checking the pub I left them in still had hold of them, they did, so I canceled and I’m going to pick them up tomorrow…

What an excellent story. You’re very welcome.


Drunkenly bought one of these a couple of months before Star Wars came out and returned it without opening the box because I was so embarrassed



Someone I knew at university came home from the pub one night at that special level of drunkness where you think any idea you come up with is genius. He went onto eBay and looked at job lots of things he could sell on at a profit. He stumbled on the motherlode: the better part of a hundred interior doors with no bids, a 99p starting bid, no reserve and half an hour to go!

He checked his emails two days later and discovered he’d won the auction he’d forgotten about.

Rather than ignoring it, he paid his 99p and arranged and paid for an articulated lorry to get them to his flat (not cheap!).

For months, his room and most of the rest of his flat was nothing but doors. I can’t remember how many there were, but there were dozens and dozens and dozens. He managed to flog a few of them but didn’t get nearly cover the cost of the lorry hire. Towards the end of that year, he was forcing people to take doors with them whenever they visited.


Was pretty drunk when this noise artist i like announced his new album bundle. Bought it for like $90 that i didnt really have. Woke up the next day to find an email from them saying i didnt pay postage and it was $70 extra :grimacing:

big fan of doing my online sainsbo’s shop while half cut. quite fun when it arrives a few days later and you find you’ve got nothing you actually need, but do have 60 quid’s worth of beer, chicken wings and sour patch kids


Do most of my logistically improbable holiday booking when I come back from the pub, usually using the “well I’m awake now, so of course I’ll be awake at 2 in the morning in 2 weeks. That way I can get the 6am flight and save 12 entire pounds! I am LITERALLY beating them at their own game, that’s what I’m doing” logic.

Could’ve at least tagged me so I get all the sweet sweet likes.


never even got the urge to buy anything other than a dirty kebab I never eat when pissed

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It is still my favourite thing ever posted on here, despite the strong challenge of the Easyjet Helmet lads.


Last night I went for a post pub pizza but still wasn’t full so had to go to mcdonalds for a veggie burger, large fries, apple pie and a diet coke.

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4 tickets to see Placebo. £45 a ticket. I do not like Placebo.


Fucking hell meo!!!

Where I used to live, there was a 24h Co-Op on the walk home to mine from a friend’s house where I used to drink a lot. Often used to pop in for some random shopping - woke up with about 30 twirls once and a dozen eggs, all entirely smashed to pieces in the box.

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Are they the same molten larva apple pies that they always did or have they changed them? I could do with one of those now. I’m jealous.

yes! i’m willing to bet I eat at least 200% more when i’m drunk/ hungover.

problem is hangovers stretch to three days now.

AND I had a huge vegan doner for lunch

And I thought I’d eaten a lot last night :smiley:

Yes! They are exactly the same and so delicious.
They may have gotten smaller though or I may have become bigger, I cannot tell.