Drunk (rolling)


just said “i love you telly” instead of “i love you really” in a whatsapp group

so yeah bump this thread when you think you should probably avoid all the other threads y’know






On Saturday I was playing with my housemates head and told him
’John you have a really nice shaped head’
that’s all


I’m also bookmarking this





I mean I’m not drunk. It’s 11.50 am and I’m at work.


Some chat highlights from a recent sesh:

(This was with my friend who I quite fancy)


I’m still drunk


That timestamp :smiley: :smiley:




Absolutely love incredibly game-specific threats like these

‘None of your neutral bullshit is safe on shield, imma jump-cancel up-smash you so hard your dad will feel it’


(Quashing+O is QINGHAOSU)


Fuck off that’s a legit word


https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/us/qinghaosu :clown_face:


It’s fucking Chinese! This is more pandering to the 10-point letter lobby, like when ZA was admitted

End word immigration and take back control, Anglo-Saxon words for Anglo-Saxon players


not sure this qualifies as CHat - seems quite 1 sided :grinning:


He was replying intermittently…

I seem to care a lot about accuracy when mashed.


Thread for @sadpunk to be sick in


i’m entirely sober what u looking at hun


Still no