Dry Cleaning

Saw these live on Saturday in Birmingham and was mighty impressed, not seen them mentioned much on here but thought I’d start a little thready.

Bought both EP’s and loving them at the moment, FFO Protomartyr (ish?)


Really wanted to go and see them a few weeks ago but they’d sold out ages before apparently. Only heard good things though!

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Love everything I’ve heard so far. Will be trying to make the Friday of Doune the Rabbit Hole fest. Mclusky playing the same day is obviously a massive sweetener also


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Best new band I’ve heard in ages. Seeing them in Bristol on Saturday. Can’t wait.

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Tickets for Brighton were a bit extortionate considering how few songs they have out. I’m going to be seeing them when they support Girl Band though.

They’re ace. Goodnight is especially great.

Top band. Saw them in Ramsgate earlier in the year and it was a cracking show. Sinead O’Brien supporting was excellent too. Highly recommended.

Yeah, saw them last week in Cambridge and last year supporting Bodega. They’re really, really great.

I LOVE THEM (having listened to each EP once and Viking Hair being on 6music). I like her lyrics and delivery a lot

This is really good, cheerz

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Good band. Saw them at green man. Would listen again/10