Dry Cleaning

The electrician sticking his finger in the socket and saying YABBA

plus the whole bit about the Antiques Roadshow focussing too much on price reveals


Interesting read this thread. I’ve never heard them but and almost convinced already that they will be good.

Is there an obvious limited vinyl release of any sort?

Really liked this record. The thing that stands out for me is just how funny a lot of it is.

I don’t know how they could do this for multiple albums without some reinvention, which is not in any way a criticism.

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What I think could go in their favour is that while the music is pretty decent, to me it’s just a backing for the very, very good lyrics. I’m totally tuned into them and the subtleties in the delivery. Could set the vocals against an electro-folk backing and I reckon I’d still be hooked - as long as the quality is still there and it doesn’t become mega contrived.


Really like this. Funny because I used to sprint over to the radio and whack it on standby when Scratchcard Lanyard came on because it was so overplayed but listened to the album now and surprise surprise it’s brilliant

Really like this album and actually really enjoy the vocals. Would be a nice addition to Wide Awake fest

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it seemed nice enough…need to delve into the lyrics a bit more

are they as good as Algebra Suicide, who did this 40 odd years ago? No

I’ve never listened to Algebra Suicide before but that sounds okay. I like that Dry Cleaning are unambiguous lyrically and relevant to me at this point in time. It’s the contemporary nature of it that I appreciate.

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I really like the album. This has a real Life Without Buildings sense to me somehow, that sense of a band just banging out a backing tune while the vocalist seems to be on a slightly different plane but the two meshing together so well.


Been getting that vibe too. Think it’s in the rhythm of the delivery. Excellent album.

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This is a good description. They really do fit together so well without it being immediately explicable why that is. I’ve become a massive fan in just the last few months.

Srsly, anyone who likes the album and hasn’t already - def check the EPs out!


Spot on comparison really! Obviously a bit more of a deadpan delivery but it works excellently over the music. Some real gem one liners too - the one about the Twix tickles me every time.


I’ve only listened to these today, and it’s the first thing I thought too. Reminded me quite a bit of Ben and tempertwig at first.

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Oh yeah of course, good shout on that!

Yup, there’s a yellow version available from most independents :+1:

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Rough Trade clear vinyl exclusive too

Yup, i’ve got the yellow one.

Would you choose a dentist with a messy back garden like that?
I don’t think so

This is the line that keeps standing out for me. Made by the delivery of the ‘I don’t think so’


Thanks, I ordered the yellow one late yesterday.

Still doesn’t top “Have you ever spat cum onto the carpet of a Travelodge?”