Dry Cleaning

Delivery of “huuuman aaaarrse-hoole” gets me every tiem


I’ve fallen hard for this album.

Her voice reminds me of Laura Marling in places.


quite liked the second EP but didn’t quite love it as the delivery could drift into being annoying at times (haven’t heard the first EP). album is quite a good step up though, like the vocals, like the lyrics, love the music.

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Whilst it’s understandable that the vocals and lyrics are getting so much attention, I think the music is getting quite unfairly overlooked. Genuinely one of the most hooky post-punk albums I can remember since maybe Priests debut?


It’s going to be album of the year.


God yes. I’m not much of a lyric man, so the music always has to work for me, and they really deliver on that front.


Yeah me too. Very few bands do it for me lyrically. Barely notice them unless they’re pointed out tbh but this band do something for me.

Great rhythm section. I’d like it more without the vocals and guitar.

Despite being hammered to death by 6Music I’m still not tired of Scratchcard Lanyard.

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Really enjoying this, keep returning to it, find myself hearing new parts each time.


I haven’t listened to 6 Music in a while (I have on and off phases with it) so I’d managed to never hear it until yesterday

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I’m glad I haven’t heard much daytime 6music, would hate to think that overhearing one song might have pushed me away from getting the album

Not for me personally but I appreciate your enthusiasm!

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Eyyy this is pretty good


quite liking the guitar tone but the vocals are really weak compared to the EP
like the whole album sounds really lo-fi and not really angular or upbeat

Where these live performances at then?

Been listening to their EPs for ages, had no idea until today that a) they had an album out and b) it was quite popular. I’m glad though.

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On behalf of the DiS board, I would like to welcome you back from the International Space Station. :grin:


Haha thanks. I listened to it - nothings as good as Viking Hair unfortunately

Agree that the EPs have a few better songs (Goodnight and Magic of Meghan spring immediately to mind), but I think the album is consistently strong and has more depth musically.

I particularly missed seeing them live, because of COVID, so am anticipating how the new stuff will really ‘rock’.