Dry January


Anyone doing it? I’m tempted, but my bday is in jan :thinking:








Yeah, a few years ago I didn’t drink until about June and felt great as a result (and saved loads of cash). Probably going to attempt something similar over the next six months.


kind of done dry December tbh (well not really) but. had…27 units in total i think which is way less than what i’d usually get through in a month.

felt a bit better towards the start, but probably not worth it now I’m at the end.


Considered it and then thought ‘fuck that’ however I will be looking to cut back a fair bit and I have a shit tonne of work to be getting on with and I need to be on the ball.


Aye. I drink far too much and it’s expensive and I need to lose weight. So yeah.

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  • Nah

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Not deliberately, but I suspect I won’t have more than about a dozen units anyway.


Dry February has a few less days :smile:


Big night out in BOURNE next weekend, and swiss hols in 3 weeks so… nah.



Won’t be drinking that much tho!


Will probably do it without consciously trying.

It helps to really dislike leaving the house.


Just remembered i got two bottles of whisky and a bottle of port for xmas. Ahm oot.


Got loads of spirits sitting around, but… cba.


No. I’m thinking of giving something up properly for Lent this year though. Not sure what. (DiS maybe???)


Nooooo! We’ll wilt without you!


You all managed alright without me in the summer! I was gone for three months.


Going to attempt this sort of - I’ve 1 night out in January where there will be drinking, but I’m going to give beer the old heave-ho for at least a month as I’m getting incredibly self conscious about the beer-gut I’m brewing at the moment.