Drying your washing in winter

What’s your method?

  • Tumble dryer
  • Over the radiators
  • Air drying on a clothes horse/minky
  • Air drying on a clothes horse/minky (dehumidifier assisted)
  • Outside on the washing line
  • Other

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Been a convert to the dehumidifier method in recent years. Does a decent job and reduces the damp in the house. How many loads you having to dry a week? Chat about drying your washing in here

do people call clothes horses a… minky??


Split between tumble dryer and heated airer.

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Jesus. Sounds like a kid name for a fanny


Mainly on clothes horses in the spare room next to a storage heater. I spread a load across two airers which means it dries a bit quicker.

If it’s dry and sunny, outside.

tumble dry bedding and underwear - tend to be a little more careful with clothing so they end up over radiators and then all the windows are steamed up - its not an ideal situation

We do have a dehumidifyer but im not sure it does much? Do you just put it near the clothes?

Whack it in the same room as the washing, switch on overnight and, hey presto, it’s dry in the morning

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Another vote for heated airers. Add a dehumidifier to the mix and washing gets so much less hassle. This is important when your “home office” is also the laundry room.
Also, even in winter, if there’s a strong(ish) wind - 11/12 or above, on the BBC forecast - I can get bedding/towels/jeans mostly dry outside so they just need finishing off indoors.

Alright, Peaches/The Stranglers.

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Garden is too sheltered for effective outside drying between October and march. Huge shame.

Currently doing anywhere between 7-11 loads a week (yay, kids!)

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Fuck. Left the window open in the washing room. No wonder the house is freezing

I use the kids room as my laundry “drying room” when they aren’t here (which is most of the time these days :worried:)

Get that room super dehumidified over a couple of days and you can be really getting some stuff dried

Better to do a load a day and have it nice and spread out on your various minkeys then try and do lots of loads and have it all drying at once, cos it’ll all take ages

We do two washing loads a week, and dry them one after another on a couple of airers in the back room, with the door open to the hall, so that it doesn’t get damp.

interesting - do you put it in a small room? We tend to put our drying thing in the kitchen but its not an enclosed room as the stairs are in there - always get the feeling the dehumidifer is not doing much as the moisture is leaving quickly

Probably the biggest room in the house :see_no_evil:

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Socks, undoes, towels, and bedding go in the dryer. For everything else I get my minky out.

Towels and bedding, tumble dryer.
Everything else minky assisted by a dehumidifier.

I only got the dehumidifier after a similar DiS thread, its a game changer.

minky lol

'er indoors is obsessive about putting washing outdoors for the initial dry so unless it’s raining sideways, that first, then minky drying as necessary.