Dua Lipa

Not sure if this is real or not (surely she wouldn’t be using the word Nostalgia again?) but regardless she’s teasing a new album so starting a thread for the best new major popstar around

Apparently produced by Kevin Parker and potentially Danny Harle which sounds pretty exciting.


Sick new hair

Wasn’t really that hyped for this tbh, thought the last one was some bops, some cringe, some mid. But if Huge Danny’s on it then I’m on board


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Still listen to Future Nostalgia once a month or so, not a duff track on it. One of my faves from this decade, easily, once I shrugged off the associations I had with it and the early days of lockdown.


Yeah I still listen to it all the time, although I usually stop before the last two tracks as I am not massively into those.

I deffo associate it with early lockdown still… but as a glimmer of light in a dark, weird time. Plus going to see her live with my lockdown flatmate felt like the ultimate celebration.

Into it.


Tame impala’s Kevin Parker involved!

Yep, thats a bop

It’s alright blatantly designed to be an earworm really not sure about “Catch Me Or I Go Houdini”

Still shame Tobias Jesso Jr only ever did one excellent album before becoming just a songwriter rather than a singer.

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The production carries this song hard - the hook isn’t very good - but the actual music is great

The florishishes through out keep it interesting but its not as good as the singles from Future Nostalgia IMHO

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