Dual Citizenship

Anyone here got dual citizenship?

I’m planning on trying to get a Portuguese passport next year, and am just wondering what others make of the whole thing. For me, it’ll be useful having an EU passport again, and being able to stay longer in Portugal when I need to. My wife’s family joke that I only married her to get the “green card”, which I’ll admit, is pretty funny.

However, one thing that’s stuck in my mind that I’ve wondered about is that a Chinese guy I used to work with in Australia was adamant that if you can avoid it, it’s best not to have dual citizenship. He said that with two passports, it meant that there were “holes” in his travel history which meant that he’d often get more serious questioning at airports as a result. He said if he’d used one passport to get into one place and another to get back, then they’d get some sort of alert saying that the passport was never used to enter the country in the first place, and while it was always resolvable, he’d sometimes be interrogated for hours because of this.

Has anyone else here had experiences like this?

  • I have no citizenship of any country
  • I am a citizen of just one country
  • I have dual citizenship
  • I am a citizen of more than 2 countries

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Yeah, when it comes to citizenships I’m a double threat


As of last year, Mrs HYG is a dual citizen of the UK and USA, and both our children are too.

Haven’t encountered anything like you mentioned yet, though I guess it’s possible, they tend to just use the passport that’s easiest at the time to speed up getting through the airport (using US to go into US, and UK to come back here, etc).

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aiming for french this year


The part which didn’t click at the time, but am wondering now, is whether his experience was specific due to him being Chinese and being profiled more often by border control.

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Sweet sweet dual Irish and British citizenship.


I’d love to be able to get an EU passport. My dad can get an Irish one (via his grandparents), but I can’t.

I don’t know about the potential issues you mention, but suspect that it’s less likely to happen to a white person with a British+EU passport than most.

No, I’m Full English


I’ve wanting to apply for my Irish passport but I’m second generation and it’s a bit of a faff, plus I don’t have a spare £800 or however much it costs. I really want to do it for my Granny though, she’d be dead chuffed.


you’d think he’d only have done this once, though. like…why keep doing it :smiley:


Yeah, I would assume so. Middle class white British/Americans will probably have an easier go of things.

I think it’s only really going to the US that they swap passports tbh, when we went to Dubai recently we all just used UK passports in and out, there’s no benefit to travelling on the US ones then. I guess it means it would be easier for them to go to Cuba on the UK one? Idk.

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Currently have permanent residency which basically means I can reside here and can return within 2 years if I live in another country for a period.

Big advantage of taking citizenship would then be the flexibility to live elsewhere in the EU, which is definitely something we’d like in the future. Have a few friends/colleagues who have taken citizenship post brexit but for me just getting residency was a huge deal/relief/stressful process.

Good point, I should have asked this

“oh i just love being detained, it’s a hobby”

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Worst thing about them having US citizenship is the requirement to file US taxes every year.



I might be misremembering but I think I’ve heard China doesn’t allow dual citizenship. So if they find out you’ve got another citizenship they’ll revoke your chinese citizenship. So that might be a complicating factor in his case?


TBH I think as a white man with two European passports you’ll be fine. I’d imagine the exacerbating factor for your Aussie mate was the level of suspicion of non white people plus China in general.

My wife and her mates never have issues but, again, white with Aus/UK.

You do have to keep track of the passports. You have to enter and leave the countries you are a citizen of on their passports BTW, so if you leave the UK you leave on the shitty Blue bastard and enter Portugal on the useful purple blighter.


Irish and British. Extremely blessed.