Dualing Guitars


Thread for great songs with dualing guitar.

Has there been a better one than this recently -


Not more recently - but this one takes some beating:




All of marquee moon.


Oh yeah, this is a low’s guitar solo is probably my favourite ever due to the layering.


A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation by Trivium is a bit naff but is great for this


I could be wrong about this version specifically, but when I saw them years ago they had three guitarists going nuts on this.



Love that there’s a video just for the outro of this. So freaking good


Came here to say this. They’re the very best at it.




Johnny Echols is playing both solos at the end of this (not at the same time OBV).


Have always loved this and the logic behind it: if guitar solos are good, then two guitar solos at the same time must be AWESOME!