Dub Thread

This thread is for talkin’ 'bout dub

There was quite a big scene in the town I grew up in. I don’t know a great deal about the music, but we used to go to the nights pretty regularly that lots of the popular sound-systems would come to – Iration Steppas and Jah Shaka seemed to be regulars.

Had two mates who were super into it and would buy records and stuff. The rest of us would tag along as they were always slack with ID and fine with people getting very stoned. Once fell asleep standing upright, leaning next to a huge bass bin.

Bit like Jungle music for me in that I had loads of tapes and knew tunes, but couldn’t tell you who they were by.


My old flatmate was massively into dub, so heard loads but can name very little.

Used to listen to Lee Scratch Perry a lot, this one was always a favourite:

Might stick this on actually, not listened to it in years…

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that reminds me, I was reminded to listen to Bob Marley’s Exodus at the weekend, which i promptly did yesterday and that reminded me of Burning Spear’s Marcus Garvey, which I remembered as a result of this thread, however in keeping with the theme of this thread, I’ve stuck Garvey’s Ghost on instead.

Just posting to get a blue circle to follow up when I’m not at work* because I’m going to go YT crazy here.

In the meantime, have a go on Tappa Zukie In Dub. It’s aces.

*when not watching Harry Kane’s brave lions, obv

Grew up with my dad playing a lot of dub in the house, specifically Scientist:

He was so happy when GTA 3 came out and one of the radio stations was absolutely loaded with tracks from this album.

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Oh yeah. Scientist is one of the few dub artists I own albums by - him, King Tubby and a handful of others. Other than that it’s all compilations really.

This track :fire:

Are we allowed to discuss dub offshoots like psydub and ambient dub?

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Fucking love psydub. Ott’s probably the champion of the genre. It’s intrinsically ridiculous but I’m obsessed.

K-JAH was this entire album - used to love driving round to it!

Your dad has great taste btw - Scientist is the best

tradition- captain ganja and the space patrol was one of the only things I was impressed by, going through best of the year things 2017 (reissue). glorious…

You can’t beat a bit of dub… Big fan of all the greats – Tubby, Perry, Jammy, Scientist – but I especially love Joe Gibbs… ‘African Dub Chapter 3’ does it for me every time…

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There’s this too… Yabby You made lots of awesome records… The ‘Jesus Dread’ double CD compilation on Blood & Stone Records has everything you need on it but it is very hard to find these days… This compilation of King Tubby dub mixes of Yabby tracks from the mid-70s is great too, but probably even harder to find!

Who made the Prime Minister’s Honours List of 1975?

Pretty sure Blackbeard is Dennis Bovell.

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This was an excellent dub album from last year. I can only find YT clips of samples but it’s worth looking out for

Absolutely love pretty much everything Yabby You touched. Prophecy of Dub was actually also reissued by Blood & Fire and it’s pretty easy to find used CD copies. The Jesus Dread comp is probably my favourite ever roots release, but possibly wouldn’t recommend for people who are new to reggae - 2 and a half hours of heavy roots cuts, with DJ and dub versions as well, can be a bit overwhelming.

Close call, but my favourite Yabby You/King Tubbys dub record is Beware Dub (reissued by Pressure Sounds recently):

Definitely give it a burn if you haven’t already…

Also, if anyone is up for a bit of (DiS staple) list action, would love some new recs. Dub (and Jamaican music in general) don’t get talked about much on here