Dub Thread



He is indeed. Favourite UK producer by a mile


This was a good record from a couple of years ago. More digidub than authentic 70s JA stuff, but still excellent


You probably already know them, but some of my favourite dub albums are Tappa Zukie in Dub, and Keith Hudson’s Pick A Dub. Pretty much anything Keith Hudson did was essential for me. If you already have Pick A Dub, a couple of other good comps are Brand, on Pressure Sounds, and one called Studio Kinda Cloudy (can’t imagine why). Then there’s Playing It Cool And Playing It Right, Nuh Skin Up…so much good stuff out there.


Massively love Keith Hudson. Not just his productions, but his own records too (I know his singing is a deal breaker for lots of people, but I really like it). One of the most creative producers ever. Tappa Zukie in Dub rules too.

Going to give the Deadbeat record a go when I get back from work. Really into 70s and early 80s dub and some of the On-U Sound stuff, but know hardly anything about modern dub at all. Your taste seems pretty spot on, so looking forward to it


Did you hear the dub he did of a Steve Mason out of the Beta Band solo album about five years ago?


I hadn’t heard this at all - it’s great too - cheers! Didn’t know he was still that active. Did a bit more looking about and found this 12" as well

More on the dub techno tip than classic dub. Still great though.

Two new Dennis Bovell releases is basically this weekend’s listening sorted! Pretty much exactly what I was hoping for from this thread


I found this on my poking about last night. Enough to keep you busy for the next several dozen weekends…


Whoa! Bookmarked. On now :slight_smile:

That Hackney dub sounds great from the clips too, will be seeking that out, no doubt.

Are you into these guys at all?

Found out about them kind of by accident recently because of the Duppy Gun / Sun Araw connection, but I’m pretty into it. Modern take but not pure digidub. Interested in anyone who knows anything about them


Oh yes. Got some of the Seekers International stuff after spotting it on Boomkat.

Did you guys ever hear this mix by The Bug? Gone now but I have an MP3 I can share.


Definitely - that looks awesome! Looks like he’s done a showcase mix of classic stuff and thrown in some modern gear too. Kevin Martin is a properly knowledgeable dude.


Came across Bokeh recently thanks to the Duppy Gun tape, but I don’t know Seekers International - more stuff to check out!


Yeah, he’s great. Very underrated I feel. That Angels and Devils album was brilliant but didn’t seem to make much noise, then he goes and does collabs with people like Earth. Or maybe it’s because I enjoy quite dirge-y sounds.

Heres that mix.



Kevin Martin is behind the music on the new Miss Red album, which is getting great reviews. More at the dancehall end of things, but still well worth a listen from what I’ve heard already


Listening to Jay Glass Dubs (Bokeh) now. He’s brilliant. A lot of the Seekers stuff is great as well. Dubbed out weekend coming for the real dub heads dem!


Just listened to this as well. Jesus - this fucking slams. She’s amazing! Ragga rather than dub obvs, but I am buying this tonight!


what i’m replying to here was reissued on bokeh versions @Dan_S @maggieloveshopey


So it is! Looks like they’re going to start reissuing some other vintage dub albums too. Great news.

This tradition LP is brilliant. Never heard anything about it before. Kind of fits in with the On-U Sound stuff that was floating about at the same time, but this is more strictly dub. Really woozy and disorienting, but in the best way. Had it on repeat since this morning.

And since I’ve just had a amazing sun-baked weekend enjoying large amounts of dub and football, this seems about right. Thanks WORLD CUP!

More dub chat please!



This is really great - sounds like when all of the Not Not Fun lot were producing dub tracks around 2009-2010, but it’s from three years before. Super mellow. Has he (she) done anything else do you know?


Blimey, that’s my home town, I live in Westcliff On Sea now, used to go to a lot of those Jah Shaka nights in the 90’s. Good times in the era of the original Sunrooms too.