Like, only dub? Is there some spot where reggae gets too spacey and suddenly you get the quease? Maybe it’s that brown noise thing, bass tones rumbling your innards wrong

yeah, literally only dub. i love dancehall from all eras, get on ok with trad reggae, love all the uk dance stuff that refers to dub as a major influence. dub itself makes me feel quick. this is a quirk.

Another nice one on Pressure Sounds:

Companion piece to the great King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown, 17 tracks in all, like a whole expanded alternative version of that album. Loads of classic Augustus Pablo action here, melodica and a tasteful bit of glockenspiel. Top stuff

I’ve ordered the CD, will update when it arrives!

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Gta 3 classic


Started cobbling together a YouTube playlist


Let me know if you ever find anything!

The new Lee Scratch Perry / New Age Doom album may be close to what you’re looking for

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like a bit of Kris Kemist

Nice! Nice essay in the liner notes about Augustus Pablo and this record - I’ve been listening to King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown for years, but it’s great to get more context about the rhythms that went into it. Realised I don’t know too much about either Pablo or Tubby!

And a couple of postcards of King Tubby and Bunny Lee! It’s always nicer ordering from indie shops, little freebies always make my day

Not sure if you’re still feeling this itch Gert but I was trying to figure out where to share this and remembered this thread.

This is horror movie inspired dub, from Transylvania (both literally and in name), with folky bits, ethiojazz bits, just a fun fascinating album really.


For my money, this is the best dub tune

This is bloody great. I was just listening to African Head Charge and this is hitting me sort of similarly, v good deep rolling afro dubs

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Gert, not sure this tune sounds “evil” necessarily but it has a very ominous, kinda discordant feel running right through it. Great stuff IMO.

Having a great time sticking this on shuffle and digging into anything that catches my ear in particular


bit of a jag, but this thread is a good place to mention that my Dissonance Radio show is very dub focussed


Cool, thanks for sharing. Here are a few mammoth-sized dub playlists I like to stick on shuffle - I can’t get over just how much high quality dub there is out there!

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I found out about Prince Far I because he was sampled by Armand Hammer for a beat on Paraffin. Been listening around to his Spotify, and I’m quite enjoying a tribute album of Dubs that was done for him… This track is a real highlight


Yeah that whole Megabit album is a lot of fun, for obvious reasons posthumous releases can tend to be a bit patchy but I seem to remember that one having plenty of excellent stuff.

Have you gotten round to checking out the first of his Crytuff Dub Encounter albums, the one also credited to The Arabs (aka Roots Radics)? I think it was one of the first things Adrian Sherwood ever worked on. A truly superb dub album, including this alltimer:

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Been getting really into dub lately. Making my way through the classics and big names.