Dublin - advice on travelling to and staying in

I’m over (first time ever) next August. Going to The RDS Arena (me neither?) and will probably FLY over from Birmingham.
Hints and tips on flights, places to stay, places to visit all gratefully accepted
Cheers DiS

I’d suggest staying in Berlin tbh

Why are you going to the RDS NV?

Did loads of my uni exams in the RDS

hope this helps

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If you’re flying to Dublin I’d recommend flying into Dublin Airport tbqh

Have never been to the RDS, they used to have loads of gigs there but it doesn’t seem quite as heavily in use since they renovated The Point. What’s on?

I don’t know how easy it is to get to, but you can often get cheap ferries directly to Dublin from Holyhead, which only take around 2 hours

Going to a Foo Fighters gig

Learn to establish the most convenient way of flying between birmingham and dublin?

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I’d suggest meeting up with @Kallgeese and drinking stout and Jameson’s :+1:

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