Dublin and Manchester 2017

20th June - 3Arena, Dublin
4th and 5th July - Manchester Arena

on sale 4th November

hyped for manchester

hyped for Dublin myself. their first Irish gig since 2008 and a few days before Glastonbury. should be a good 'un

Anyone else guess how much it might cost? Are we talking £70 ish for the MEN?

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Dublin is €61.45 apparently (what an odd number). less expensive than i was anticipating based on London gigs. hoping there’s not gonna be lots of fees on top of that, or that that’s not just the price of shit seats or something

Don’t tell anyone! I really want tickets

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Apparently they’re £55 according to the MEN Facebook.

Thanks. Not completely terrible

*from £55…

But it’s midweek so I’d have to take two days off work which is putting me off. To. So like these I wish I hadnt moved away from Manc…

Oh was it? I didn’t check it, i just saw that somewhere else.

Hmm, ok

hmmm, indeed. I’ve just looked at other gigs there, the first one that came up was Green Day, starting from £43.45, then £60.50 for standing with the best seats (presumably) being £71.50

and if the structure of the RHCP gigs is anything to go by, perhaps it’ll be more like £80+ a pop

STANDING £77.00 (£70.00)
SEATS £88.00 (£80.00)
SEATS £66.00 (£60.00)
SEATS £55.00 (£50.00)

yeah, Dublin starting price pretty much equivalent to Manchester’s so i’m fearing what the actual standing price will be.

after the London 2012 shows being like £70 or something i said it would probably be the last time i bother to see them if they keep those prices up. but seeing as they’re finally back in Ireland I can’t resist. fuck sake.

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still not sure of Dublin prices but Manchester prices are on ticketweb:

Price Level One
GBP 82.50*
(inc. GBP 7.50 fees)

Price Level Two
GBP 71.50*
(inc. GBP 6.50 fees)

Price Level Three
GBP 49.50*
(inc. GBP 4.50 fees)

Easiest WASTE pre-sale I’ve ever done.

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