Dublin and Manchester 2017

yep i managed to bag a pair for Wednesday on my phone with 4G. £165 for two standing tickets though. fucckkk

Likewise, in about 3 minutes

although not on my phone

got 2 standing tickets for Dublin pretty quickly (on my laptop), think it came to the equivalent of about £175 for me with fees included. plus postage. fuuuck.

i’ll be annoyed if ticketmaster ends up being a few quid cheaper, but i suppose it’s worth it for the comfort and ease of a pre-sale.

The service fee was a kick at €27.70 for two and delivery €10.50, I assume Ticketmaster’s fee are usually 10%? and free delivery. But I guess for a few euro for less stress is okay.

They better play the hits!!! :smiley:

yeah those charges, fucking hell! I was going to compare them with ticketmaster’s prices but for some reason they still don’t have the event listed on there - even though it appears on the ticketmaster.ie homepage it weirdly leads nowhere when you click it. odd.

They were incredible at the roundhouse, you’ll have a brilliant night :grinning:

Glad to have the tickets sorted but fuck me those charges!

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£49.50, £71.50 and £82.50 for Manchester :frowning:

#The evolution of Radiohead





£83.75 a ticket, bargain

Check your emails re Manchester