Dublin Murders (tv series) (no spoilers please) (cheers)

On the BBC

People at work have been banging on about this. any good?

watched some of episode 2. looked like gash.

the lead guy looks like a combination of Steve Pemberton and Reece Sheersmith, I looked him up and his birth name was Cillian Murphy so he had to change it to something else.

does this help?

yes, thanks

I’m not sure about the reece/steve thing now so maybe park that.

Not seen it yet but chuckled at the Alan Sugar tweet.

Everyone bangs on about BBC crime drama series. Especially the trashy ones like The Bodyguard and Line of Duty.
I’ve read these books (which are very good) so I’ll watch it soon. Not a spoiler but if you’re very annoyed by even a hint of prior knowledge:I really hope they don’t wimp out of the ending of In The Woods
Cast looks good to me.

It’s OK. There are two separate timelines plus some people who you are not quite sure how they are connected to what is happening.

It’s only complicated if you are not really watching it.