Dublin query

Right so i’m off to dublin next thursday for a couple of nights to go see girl band and hopefully have some drinks etc with DiS legend @Kallgeese
Where is good to stay in dublin, any recommendations?

This is getting awkward. Someone offer him a couch to sleep on, ffs.


there’s two of us

Just you and me, pal.

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just like old times

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If no-one helps Lopes he’s going to end up on a pub crawl with me, only stopping for a kip in the 24 hour McDonalds.


Found ourselves a hotel in the centre someplace, maybe about a 10/15min walk from the gig

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Excellent. There’s a lot of good pubs and restaurants near Vicar Street so you’ll be sorted for that.

I think my housemate is the first DJ on and the whole thing’s going to go on late, well into the wee hours.

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I see strokes chin

was thinking of going to that gig meself, not sure yet though.

what’s there to be sure of?! mon over, i’ll get the first round in

Actual DiS meet! Yes!


heading down for Redneck Manifesto two days earlier so it depends if i can afford/be bothered to travel for both. mighty tempting though


jealous! :frowning: enjoy you scamps, I miss Dublin greatly

I’m digging this up as I don’t want to start a new thread.

My partner and I are considering (that’s all at the moment) moving to Dublin. I’ve been several times (Irish parents) but he hasn’t and we are going next weekend for him to get a feel of the place. So basically I wanted to ask, if there are any Irish DIS-ers, could they point in the right direction of the most affordable (if such a thing exists) area to live in, where to maybe avoid, what sort of walks we should do to get a feel of the city etc.

Any help appreciated and joke answers are welcomed.

Big, big questions. Dublin’s property market is super overheated right now. It all depends on what you’re able to spend. I’m not from Dublin myself but I think @cutthelights lived there for a while so he might have a better idea?

Yes this here lies the problem. Not sure where to start looking and although London rents are horrendous I hear that Dublin can be even worse.

Hi! I’m not sure about worse than London, but rents have been increasingly drastically over the last few years. Every viewing you go to will be ridiculously competitive and you’ll see people bring deposits in cash to try secure a place. www.daft.ie is the go-to website for property rentals, have a look around there to see what kind of price you’d expect to pay.

As for areas to live in, there’s a great variety. The general rule you’ll hear parroted is that everything south of the Liffey (southside) is ‘nicer’ than the northside, which is ‘rougher’. You’ll see this reflected in rent costs, but it is of course an over-generalisation. Both have their ups and downs. The southside has lots of nice places just outside the city centre (Rathmines, Ranelagh, Rathgar, Harold’s Cross) that all have lots going on but can be very expensive. Rialto, Inchicore and Portobello are a bit closer to the city and are cheaper, but have some dodgy areas. On the northside, Smithfield and Stoneybatter are pretty ‘up-and-coming’ at the moment, but are still reasonably cheap.

Keep an eye out for public transport options wherever you’re looking. The buses cover the city pretty well, but are sometimes unreliable and the fares are expensive and a nightmare to figure out. The tram system is called the Luas and has two lines, with a massive extension set to open later this year. This is a great option for transport if you can find somewhere near it, but there tends to be a premium on places to rent near the stops, particularly on the green line, which serves more of the well-off areas.

I’ll try think of a route to walk around to get a good feel, but you’d do worse than getting a day ticket on the Luas and wandering around near some of the stops nearer to the centre. Any specific questions about different areas, feel free to ask!


This is massively helpful, thank you! I will think things through and might be back with more questions.

No problem! Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is the area codes. Even numbers are southside, odd numbers are northside, so you’ll probably see properties in even-numbered areas are more expensive.