Duchess Meghan or whatever she is called

In a complete break with tradition, Meg has got out of a car and closed the car door herself instead of leaving it to whoever is her royal-car-door-closer-equerry-in-waiting.

This is today’s news.

What else is in today’s news?

Meghand door hand hook car door


actually i think that was yesterdays news

unless she’s been closing more doors?!

Alright marckee

Marckee saw it on twitter last week

Oh ffs

Alright Epimer

It was mentioned yesterday, in a ‘Is this news?!’ kind of way.

Anyone who genuinely cares about this has had their brain eaten by worms.

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Would you say that you care more about this or how many rooms epimer has had sex in?

Can someone edit this video to put Meghan’s face on the guy doing the punch?

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Definitely the latter.

I know marckee is going to be along in a minute to say ‘these armoured car doors are really heavy’.

haha, posted this without seeing the other responses. SORRY MARCKEE,

They should call her “The Duchess of Door-Closing” if you ask me about it


In other news; something about a beluga whale.

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Amused at how the Daily Mail readers don’t like/trust her and say it’s because she’s manipulative/American/uncouth when it’s really because she’s black

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this has already been pointed out, keep up