Ducks Final EVER Vinyl Sale

Sorry to do this again but I’m so gosh darn close to finally having it all gone and just want them gone!

Price 3 Vinyl = £10
Bulk Buy (6 or more Vinyl = £15)
P&P = £5 per 3 Vinyl
Dispatch Date = 25th/26th September

Future of The Left - The Peace & Truce of Future of The Left
Seekersinternational - Lovers Dedication
Lucy Dacus - No Burden
Amber Arcades - Fading Lines
Coves - Peel
Lapsley - Long Way Home (got a mark on the cover, happy to give this one away for free)
The See See - Once, forever & again
Loretta Lynn - Full Circle
Field Music - Common Time
Swans - Filth
Beach House - Depression Cherry (Fabric Sleeve, this sleeve is a DUST MAGNET and will probably pick up debris simply by me putting it in a parcel, apologise in advance)
Thug Entrancer - Arcology
Motorpsyco - Here Be Monsters
Darkroom - Gravity’s Dirty Work
neo - So Pitted

Local collection (Brighton & Hove) is an option (free obviously)

Please place all orders in thread so people can see whats left and then PM me for payment details.

If you would like the album for FREE (pay just postage) PM me and I’ll ‘earmark’ it for you. If it’s not sold by end of week I’ll let you know. (I really want to get rid of these)

Kindest Regards - Duck

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Hi Duck,

Could I buy Swans, Beach House and Future of the Left please?



How badly marked are we talking on the Lapsley one? Happy to pay you money for it as long as it isn’t properly shitted up really

Top left

Oh that’s fine. Can I buy that and the Lucy Dacus off you please?

Sure thing

Are Field Music and Motorpsycho still available ducky?

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Now free (postage only) 5 pounds per 3 records

Seekersinternational - Lovers
Coves - Peel
The See See - Once, forever
Thug Entrancer - Arcology
Darkroom - Gravity’s Dirty Work
neo - So Pitted

Coves and The see sees gone