Ducks gofundme to avoid eviction


Best of luck man, we’re all rooting for you.
You’ve probably already looked into this, but any chance the rainy day fund could help?


Ive used the rainy day fund liberally and very aware of the balance and need to keep that for others.


Thanks for the donations everyone! I’m completely blown away by the response thus far and feel like a completely different person compared to this morning where I was suffering a great deal. I cannot stress how much this will help me focus on recovery. This has been an unwanted stress for far too long and effectively undid months of treatment in a matter of days. I no longer feel paralysed and have a lot of loose ends to tie up. This morning I honestly never felt like I’d feel this way again and your support has made me see some sense abd renjbded me that peope are here for me and do care about me x


thanks everyone! this means so much to me you have no idea. I’ve hit my goal to cover the rent arrears. I have now extended this to allow me a buffer whilst I work on getting better and to eliviate stress as much as possible and to tie up some loose ends ensure im fred and clothed etc etc and even allow me to potentially start socialiaing (basically now treating this as an oppurtunity to hit reset and get my life back in gear). But the core target (getting my rent paid) has been cleared and the labdlord has been informed and im so grateful thank you all so much.

Just posting this here for fulll transparency as to where any further donations may be headed as rent is covered.


Bangin that you reached the target ducky - made up for you.


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That’s ducking amazing. :heart:


having been through a huge…can’t really describe it as anything other than mental breakdown recently, truly 100% believing that I was completely finished, it’s well annoying that human brains aren’t able to recognize this thinking as fundamentally fraudulent in the moment, isn’t it. Really glad you’ve got some breathing room, man. As per my new mantra -


This place really is amazing sometimes. Hope things pick you for you.


Landlord happy with the gofundme page as proof of funds and happy to wait for that to come to my account

Thanks again everyone


How quickly does the gofundme money become available to you duck? I’ve prob still got your bank details from buying records in the past, so if more helpful now that you’ve covered rent can do you a direct transfer to get some food/essentials?

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2 - 5 days. 1.5k should be transfered tonight the rest still waiting clearence. A small amount to emable me essentials whilst i wait (as it can take up to 5 days) would probably be of help if ur able to :slight_smile:


Glad you leaned on the community. We’ve got you :blush:

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Oh boy its on the front page and theyre asking to hhve it shared among press. This is all very much? O.o

You don’t need to do anything you’re not comfortable with Ducky

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I’m going to say yes but not adjust my target and leave the update saying its now for a buffer and see what happens.

As u would like a comfortable buffer. Juat didnt expect ao much traction its kind of blindsided me

They said itll involve interviews with the paper so i passed haha


if I was you I’d have passed as well

there’s no way having the press involved would make your life easier and that’s the priority!


Yeah and its not like im raising money for medical bills or anytjing like that. Its totally unecceasry

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