Ducks record clear out (Final 20 records. Any 5 for £10)

Hey, Duck here.

Im in a financial shortfall this month and thought a little record clear out would be a good way to raise funds. As im currently close to being broke i can only currently arrange collection from myself locally and cannot post any items so for now itll extend to just Brighton, or if ur able to collect from Brighton)

I havent got a list out yet as im gauging interest and am at work but will post one here if people show interest. Currently thinking 5 pounds a pop or 5 records for 20.

Will provide more deats this evening thanks :slight_smile:



(Rainy Day Fund rather than sell stuff you love pal)


What Ant said. If you do decide you need a clear out I’m sure there’ll be some stuff I’d like and I’d be happy to pay for the postage in advance.

But yeah, don’t sell anything you’ll regret later. It’s what the fund is there for. Hope you’re keeping ok.


I should really have read the post before replying :grimacing:

I wasnt going to request as ive uses before and really dont want to take the piss, but im going to swallow my pride and ask. Love that there are people like u guys out there, cannot explain how many times this community has saved me😊

Will still be selling records as i need to try and get myself back into a position resembling normality!

Update to all:
I can ship recirds providing postage is covered and youre happy to wait until the 22nd for dispatch. I wont ask for postage up front but will do so once i get a quote, im not experienced at this at all and dont want to undrrshoot or overshoot the asking for postage


Hey pal. I’m sure that Resident and a few others give cash for records so if you need some quickish maybe ring round with a list of a few example titles to see what they’d be prepared to do for you?

Hey all

This is the list of my wares.

Happy to post records but they wont be dispatched until Saturday 23rd because of personal circumstances. I will not ask for postage up front but will advise you how much it is once posted. PM me any records you’d like and I’ll give you me bank details.

You really sure you wanna sell these a fiver a pop man? I’m sure you could get more than that for a lot of these without too much hassle.


Im sure :blush:

I’d be really interested in a few of these but do not want to take advantage of you. If you have the luxury of time to think about it for a couple of days and decide you still wanna sell then I’d love Japanese Breakfast, Mitski and Esperanza Spalding

Heyyy, no worries, i dont have a record player anymore and have not felt the desire to buy 1 so im happy to.

Hey man - also interested in a couple - Aesop Rock, Anna Meredith, Joanna Gruesome and Standard Fare. Would need to get them posted tho!

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Cool! I’d need them posted, annoyingly, if that’s ok? Happy to wait!

Tis fine, u can have 1 more for free if yo like

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Yup no probbles. Probs be rude to ask sam clarke to courier them to u

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I missed him for the annual GBV thing the other day so who knows when I’ll see him again!

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Haha ill hit u a pm latet

Thanks duck x

Cleared off list guys, theyre urs