Ducks record clear out (Final 20 records. Any 5 for £10)


I’m fine with just those thanks - pm when you know what the postage will be and we can sort out payment.


Just want to say thank you to all that have had dealings with me in the thread, you’ve made it an absolute delight, super kind people here.


I’ll take Flying Lotus - LA please. Need it posted too.


Heya sorry went shrotly before u posted.


I’ll take the Deltron record if it is still available, and you are 200% sure you don’t want it anymore (will need it posting)


Thatll be about 10 to 11 with postage probs, u happy to pay for that?


Hey YIAD, are these on CD or vinyl? Apologies if I’ve missed something obvious where you’ve already said this.




Have PMed :slight_smile:


All Brighton orders have now been fulfilled.

For everyone else I got my packaging delivered today. I’m paid on the 22nd and will post all records straight after work at 15.30pm I will default to 2nd class but if you would like 1st class or special recorded delivery let me know as you’ll be paying for post :slight_smile:

Pictured below is my stack of packaging (with yesiamaduck branded cup to confirm authenticity)

There are about 20 records remaining if you’re so inclined but as these albums are less sought after records I’ve reduced the prices to £10 for 5 records (not incl postage) so if you would like to take a punt on something you’ve not heard of feel free message me.