Ducks Yard Sale Part 456: Oculus Quest 2 (standalone vr headset) 150quid

:wave: hi all

Once again I apologise for posting a thread here but I really don’t like dealing with marketplaces due to my anxiety so try to sell here at CEX cash value so I can give someone from a community I like an opportunity to get a good deal :wink:

I’m selling my Oculus Quest 2 for 150pounds as I now need to find going back to ‘normal’ life as I’m no longer working from home and none of my office clothes fit me anyone more after losing a co siderable amount of weight and I have a festival balance to clear! This is basically as good as new and includes all accessories and original box. Will post to UK only. Postage will be worked out at the point of purchase.

This is the 64gb model

Doesn’t require pc or games console although it can be used as a pc vr headset as well

PM if interested