Ducks yard sale part 457: Shure SRH1540 Proffesional/Audiophiles headphones £175 (basically brand new) sold


Haven’t got a picture just yet but will post one this evening but I hope I’ve built up enough goodwill to post anyways.

I recently got these replaced under warranty so they are pretty much brand new (used twice as I had replaced them before getting them repaired/replaced) I had since got a newer set of Beyerdynamics as I wanted a slightly less analytical headphone literally the only reason I’m selling em! Most comfortable headphone I’ve ever worn and around 250grams which is very light for a full sized headphone. Includes hard case. Box. Spare cable. Spare ear pads.

Selling for 175 quid + postage.

Pm me if interested

Will still be valid with complete warranty which you can pm me about if anything were to go wrong with em (shouldn’t do! My last set last like 6 years before gifting them on and are still going strong with my friend! Just think I got a duff pair initially)

are these wireless? It’s not explicit on their website

No these are wired headphones for home listening/studio use

Ideally need to be plugged into an amp (but are low impedence enough to work on portable devices i just wouldn’t recommend it)

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