Dude, where's my car*?


Can’t remember where I parked it before going away for Christmas. Haven’t started looking yet.



Mine’s in the car park.



Dude, where’s your car?

  • Parked on my driveway/garage at home (I’m a Tory)
  • Parked in front of my house or thereabouts
  • Parked in secure off street parking at home eg modern flats
  • Parked “at home” but not that close to my house (parking is a nightmare round here)
  • Parked at work (i’m at work)
  • In the garage (as in mechanics) at the mo
  • Someone else is driving it rn
  • I’m driving it rn
  • Somewhere else

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Somewhere else = Outside my girlfriend’s workplace I’d assume


In the car wash!

(it’s not rn, actually)




Sorry, I’m not on car*book.



at the car wash, yeah?


One on driveway, plus one in garage. Double Tory?


totally UKIP dude


Multiple locations. All at the same time.



not sure why I clicked on one of these as I’m not on carbook


Requesting an immediate username change from twentynine to twentyfourpointsevennine