• I say dude
  • I don’t say dude

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used to but no longer

  • I sometimes wear a baseball cap
  • I never wear a baseball cap

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Holiday or unreasonably very sunny day only, otherwise it’s a no from me.

I’m not cool enough to wear one. Also my horrible massive nose means there’s too many protruding things coming off my head.

I worked in Matalan warehouse for a bit and we had to wear caps with a rock hard top because of dangerous things above our heads. Hated working there, was literally impossible to meet the picking targets unless you got given socks or something that were all at the same location. Had blisters on my feet like you wouldn’t believe. They got rid of me when I dirtied a dressing gown by dragging it along the ground without realising. Thanks for reading.


I have one specific blue cap I wear, it’s about 40 years old and very floppy, truckerish, proper hipster scumbag territory.

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I call everyone man instead

I wear a very battered Hiroshima Carps baseball cap that mainly keeps the rain off my glasses.

Where’s my car?


Used to work with a German guy who always said “dude” when he got excited about something. Everybody else in the same office gradually started to use it in a weird hivemind, not exactly pisstaking but affectionate kind of way.

Don’t work with him any more but I can’t stop saying it.

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Said it a few weeks ago to a teenage lad who wouldn’t stfu at the theatre. I politely asked him twice to be quiet. the 3rd time i just said “Dude, you need to stop talking”.

Did he?

Did he fuck.


Dude (2021)


Went to see Shallow Hal at cinema with mates and everyone started throwing Nerds around. One of the staff came in and all the lights came on, film was stopped and she told everyone to get out or she’ll have us all arrested.


My gf told someone to shut up during Men which annoyed me cause their convo was well more interesting then the guff on screen we were watching

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I call everyone Jobin.

Just kidding, i don’t really interact with people

Fair play

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