Dudes, it appears some of you don't know how to wipe your butt

Some choice extracts from this delightful article:

and something truly horrifying:

not clicking that spoiler


classic, classic Pigfoot

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not exactly suitable for the office that clip.

Most relevant song for a thread EVER.

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I’ll never get my head round other people’s toilet habits.

Look at this, for example - I like the writer a lot and enjoy his columns, but I can never trust him again after stating he uses TWENTY-SIX SQUARES OF TOILET PAPER FOR JUST THE FIRST WIPE. What the fuck is wrong with people? Who grabs a bunch and scrubs their arse?

This is fucked up. It’s like those people who take all their clothes off to go to the toilet. Appalling.


“I’ve tried to instruct him how to butt”

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The comments are just a flame war of insane people fighting about it too. It’s as bad as sitters vs standers.

^this guy has been given the keys to DiS ffs!

The state of public toilets and work toilets is the main reason I’ll never truly trust or connect with people, probably

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Love how everyone still assumes you’re a dude.

A friend of mine does this, I was fucking stunned and appalled when I found out

Has he explained himself?

was watching that embarrassing bodies show with the bloke with the shit hair one time and there was a guy on there who’d come in to talk about ‘anal leakage’ but the doctor bloke basically told him he just wasn’t wiping his bum properly. this was a bloke in his 60s on national TV.

He says he can’t think of going to the toilet with clothes on.
This is also a guy who’s addicted to soluble solpadeine.

Someone I knew didn’t know what a bidet was
Thought I was talking about their birthday and was all “you wash your bum on your birthday?!”

This is wonderful. Wish I could find a clip of it.

Once a year special treat only?