Duggee and the squirrels

The badges are reminding me of Hey Duggee :slight_smile:

I love the rain dance badge…


this is easily my favrouite kids show at the moment. big fan.

also, my daughter shouts “duggee hug!” a lot, so i follow it up with “daddy hug!” and then we hug.


Anyone seen this episode?

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bafta winning no less


At least that’s get rid of my Fat Labrador earworm…

Definitely the best kids TV show. My kids like to tear it up to the stick song.


I’m a big fan of Sarah and Duck.


I love Sarah and Duck but it the kids aren’t so fussed about it.

I’d never heard of PJ Masks until this weekend but apparently it’s the new big thing.

I’d listen to Peter Mannion read a contract law manual.

Sarah & Duck is great, I miss it. And Duggee. We still get Bing from time to time though. Mark Rylance, he’s another one I’d listen to on loop for the rest of my days.

King Julien
Puss in Boots
Bat Pat

Is this the kids tv thread then? So far I only have R watching Show Me Show Me, he has become quite hooked but doesn’t throw a tantrum when I turn the tv off after the episode any more. Bit scared to add anything else to the mix.

Think this is the kid’s TV thread tbh tbf…

Hadn’t seen that before, I will give it a good study later, thanks.

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