Dull car buying thread

My topic is similar to other car buying threads. Who’s have thought.

Buying a used car in the next fortnight. Thoughts on 6-10 year old versions of any of the following appreciated:

  • Ford Focus
  • Honda Civic
  • Seat Leon
  • Peugeot 308
  • Honda Jazz

Also because it’s been 8 years since I’ve done this, reminders on how to kick tyres would be appreciated.

Zero replies.

My dad had the 2008 civic for 8 years without any issues before selling it. bit slouchy and heavy but really reliable and deceptively roomy

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Wouldn’t get the Peugeot out of those
Civic and jazz are different cars… which size/shape suits your needs best?

More interested in the Civic tbh, but there’s a LOT of Jazzes around nearby in our price range, so just wondering what people make of them.

Ah well, they’re not as good quality as civics but are bigger inside.

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Honda Jazz? Honda Jizz more like!


Good to know. Will probably take a look at both tomorrow then.

Impressed with my 2011 focus I bought in August. But I was coming from a 2003 fiesta. No idea if that’s any help, but this is basically an ‘i drive this car and it’s good, so get that’ thread.

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Good work PM;

You’re doing better than me; I agonize about everything! Also, Yetis are excellent cars.

Got a 2009 Focus 2 years ago and have put about 30k miles on it. Has cost hardly anything to keep it running maintenance wise touch wood, is reasonably comfortable and can fit loads of stuff in. Also is easy to drive.

Would definitely consider getting another in the future.


Cheers - We’re hopefully looking at two roughly the same age as that tomorrow - driven a couple as hire cars in the past two and been relatively impressed

all of them are fine, even the peugeot, although some of them will be lemons.

I’m happy with my ancient mazda 3 tbh, the newer models are dull as anything but decent cars.

Getting a new car next week. Pretty excited. Finally a car that doesn’t have a tape deck.

Currently have a 96 Polo with 26609 miles on the clock. We’re not really big on driving in our house.

Our new car will hopefully not be grey and therefore not boring.

How has that not gone round the clock? I’ve driven that distance in the past year!


Was just going to say, I do more each month than that motor has done each year.

Bit late to the thread but I had a series of Ford Focuses (Foci?) as company cars around 2012 and they all seemed pretty well designed. From your list I’d go for that.

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Fucking scary stuff. Id driven 34000 from June 16 to august 17. Wish I could do @CHAIRMAN_LMAO’s mileage

ha, yeah, that happened to me too :upside_down_face:. Just went around hoping I’d never get IDed. can only just about afford to get my passport renewed.

Every time we take it for its MOT the guy in the garage says “How many miles this year guys? 10?”. He’s going to buy it off us actually.