Dumb phone upgrade question

My current phone is bricked and I can’t get it repaired.

I’ve got about four months left to pay on the contract and I was thinking about just buying a new phone from elsewhere instead.

However, I’ll be eligible for an upgrade from EE in two months time and I’ve got a terrible old phone that I could possibly limp along with until then.

I’ve never upgraded on a contract before. How does it usually work? I don’t want to spend more than I’m currently paying - do companies usually offer you anything for the same tariff you’re currently on or do they always offer a more expensive upgrade? Upgrade as a term suggests more money to me but like I said I’ve no experience of this.

I throw myself upon your mercy.

Sarcastic, unhelpful and insulting comments are welcome as always.

why don’t you ask the phone folk

you’ll get a much better deal if you wait the two months


i don’t know

you’re so smart, fella.

I could do that tomorrow I suppose.

Upgrade through carphone warehouse and you’ll probably get a better deal. Been paying about 37 a month for yonks and keep upgrading every two years. Got an s7 edge right now and it’s cracking.

I like your confidence.

It reassures me :slight_smile:

Blimey, I’m paying £22 at the moment and don’t really want to pay much more.

I’m a pauper.

They offer you all options. There’s normally a baseline one they offer that is free on your contract and closely matches your current one but you can ask about others. You might have to pay a 100 quid or something.

You can try pushing it, saying someone has a better offer.

You can ring up now, though, and ask about upgrading early. Probably just add 2 extra months on the end of the next contract?

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Hmm, @anon76851889 may be specifically able to advise with EE but that does sound low so probably a new phone will be cheapish quality. Imagine you’ll be asked to stump up a 100 for anything half decent.

The Moto G is cheap though. Buy one and switch to Sim only monthly rolling after your contact ends?

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why don’t you just buy whatever phone you want and then get a sim only plan. so much cheaper.

why do people pay so much money for phones?


I bought this phone through an intermediary instead of EE direct which is why it’s cheaper I think. It’s an LG G3 which was an ok phone at the time.

There’s no nice way to put this, japes: they’re mugs.


i’m due an upgrade this month. exciting!

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I’m actually not paying that much, am I?

My sim only deal would be about a tenner so I’m only paying £288 for the phone.

Tempted by the Oneplus 3 T but at £400 (buying outright) plus sim only I’m looking at more like £30 a month (taken over the same 24 month period)

It’s a premium phone yeah. In terms of value it is good so good value even at that price and you can get it on contract too.

Not sure your contract sounds a rip off or too expensive overall TBH

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Depends what you need/want. Mid-range phones aren’t a pile of shite these days, e.g. Moto G4 for about £160. Or you can go for Chinese brands we don’t really get over here for more bang for your buck.

That said, I got a OnePlus Three, because I’m a wanker. That was £300 though.

Is it luvverly, Epster?


Been a while, but essentially Theo is right - anything on the website will be available as an upgrade with a possible discount if you threaten to leave (depends on many factors whether you get offered one or not - as a likely low value customer don’t expect wonders if you do try this)

Best bets are probably to either limp on until the upgrade is available (do double check your eligibility date) or buy a £100ish handset SIM free now and when you’re out of contract get the best SIM ONLY deal you can find with any company (probably cheaper in the long run).

Thanks for the advice, appreciated.

30x24= £720
10x24= £240 + £400 phone = £640

just buy a phone?