Dumb phone upgrade question

alright, galileo


Yeah sure, about £27. I wasn’t suggesting I bought it on contract.

I said £30 as a round figure just to illustrate that it was a lot more than I’m paying currently.

Cheers all.

I’ll talk to EE tomorrow.

It’s the last thing I think about at night, and the first thing I touch in the morning.

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One weird word of warning RE less well known brands, @saps: a friend recently thought she’d got a virus on her ultra-cheap Chinese Android phone but Googling showed they’d actually put these adverts and stuff into the Android OS they built for the phone, so she was basically buggered.

Unfortunately this is buried in her status updates so I can’t find the specific brand.

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@saps it’s the Leagoo Elite that she had that had the built-in malware:

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I see

implies you are still screwed? Or does this mean you sorted your phone issue out?

Sorted, thanks.

I bought a Oneplus 3T. But old Whatsapp images aren’t saved properly.

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Oh you spent BIG eh? That fast charge is cool! Although you have to have their cable AND their charger, which is a shame.

Anyway glad to see there is now some kind of middle point between the two OnePlus3 extremes of me and @JDonBalonz

I did.

I like it although the camera functionality on the LG G3 was better. And I can’t believe there’s no way to control the vibration intensity.

Do you mean to turn vibration off when you press keys or how much it actually vibrates when it rings? I’ve never had a phone that let me set the latter I think.

What camera shizzle did the LG have? I think this one has a lot of features if you hit the various buttons? Slow-mo for video, panorama, HDR options, etc.

Yeah, intensity for ringing and notifications.

The LG G3 had a slider for this business. I really liked that.

As for the camera the things I’m missing are voice and gesture commands for taking selfies. You could say ‘cheese’ or ‘kimchee’ or a few other things and it’d snap away. You could also hold up your hand and make a fist and it’d take a shot a second or so later. There are some apps for this but they seem pretty shit.

Not huge things but they were excellent features.

That is fucking cool for the camera. This has a feature on the selfie camera that finds faces and takes snaps when they seem to be ready I think?

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I know. I loved it. Was gutted that it bricked.

What phone are you referring to?

Fucking hell, Saps… you got a selfie stick too? Fucking hell… this world…

The OnePlus 3T has this feature for selfies

There’s an icon in the top right that shows you a little smiley face on a camera shutter. If you turn that on it will detect smiles in faces and start a selfie when it sees one. It keeps taking them every 3 seconds if you don’t stop.