How old were you when you last wore dungos?

7 or 8.





Dunga’s are big business my man. I imagine quite a few of the International Women on here have worn them recently.




What’s you’re fucking answer?


No older than five I wouldn’t say.

(Adult) bloke opposite me on the tube last night was wearing them combined with a @Ruffers style headband


Nice avatar


Well you’re asking two questions there, the first one takes me back to 1986. The disintegration of the Challenger space shuttle was still fresh in everyone’s minds and after losing a patent battle with Polaroid, Kodak decided to leave the instant camera business.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn any.


Then the time is nigh


I’m wearing my dungarees today just for @JDonBalonz You’re welcome.


It’s a good luck especially with the stripes!


Yeah looks like they’re back in some type of way. My 13 year old cousin specifically requested a black skinny pair for chrismas.


Very kind.

I guess the problem is going to the lav as I assume adult ones don’t have poppers in the gusset zone.

Highway to the gusset zone!


Never worn any

But mrs BITT has recently taken to wearing a pair & I must admit they are very sexy

  • and not just to me. First time she wore them to work a female colleague came out to her as bisexual

Strange how stereotypes work innit ?


I believe you have hit on the correct age here.


Please rephrase this Theodore.


“Rephrase this, please, Theodore.”


Fuck this