Taking the kids here over Easter as a fun holiday destination - anyone been / recommend anything to do other than wander around the apocalyptic landscape?


Isn’t there one of those little steam railways there? Don’t know much else about the place, sorry.


Take them to the big pond


you mean the sea?


Best UK post-hardcore album ever


read this as dungarees, sorry thats not helpful


Yeah, the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch railway. Certainly worth a visit, especially with kids.


Second best Athlete song ever, which is an uncrowded field


There is actually a really cool site there, but it’s only open a couple of times a year :frowning:

In a quarry at Greatstone are the Sound Mirrors (proto radar). You can see them from the road, if you look carefully, and there is another one just near Hythe. There are also lots of other defensive structures, Napoleonic and later, along that bit of coast; Martello Towers, the Royal Military Canal, batteries, and I believe that there’s a Mulberry Harbour too.

A very interesting bit of coast.

Oh, and there’s also an ossuary near Hythe (at St. Leonard’s Church), a funicular at Folkestone and Derek Jarman’s garden.


great stuff. Thank you

This fits well with making every trip and holiday an educational experience - they will thank me in later life :slight_smile:


Sounds horrific. Like dungeon-ess.

Makes me think of skeletons chained to walls and stuff.

Hope this helps.


They actually might! But that’s a chance you’ll have to take :smiley:


Break into the decommissioned power station.


Go see the little black house made of rubber


You can book a tour actually! NUCLEAR


come to folkestone! :+1:


Might cycle there over Easter.



I love Dungeness. Other than the landscape, you could go and have a look at Derek Jarman’s garden. Although not too much of a look, because his partner still lives there and it’s a bit rude to get too close.
There’s also a lifeboat station if looking at a big boat is something you might be into. And if you want to queue half an hour for a posh fish finger sandwich, the Dungeness Fish Hut/Snack Shack will sort you out.


a presidential visit might be in order!



We are there the week before if this fits?