dungeon synth

think im a fan

I can find some of it a bit cheesy for my tastes, but there are a couple of artists I really like;

The black metal youtube channel Transmissions From The Dark, helmed by ex Disser @goatmeatmf holds a regular Dungeon Synth Sunday feature that you may be interested in.

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more into the video game soundtrack style than the metal ones

Honestly hadn’t heard of this genre until the beginning of this year when the very not-dungeon synth band Powerplant released a very different second album that was tagged dungeon synth on RYM (along with Minimal Synth and Synthwave). It’s a decent listen, but I don’t know if I see myself diving into the genre at this point. Wouldn’t mind having this on in the background at times.

Also more recently I was revisiting µ-Ziq’s 1999 album Royal Astronomy and saw that people were tagging it dungeon synth as well. I can hear it on some tracks. In association with IDM and Drum & Bass, there’s otherwise been a tendency to label this modern classical (see also Venetian Snares). But is it dungeon synth?

Iain Dungeon Synth