Dungeons and DiSers (recruitment thread)

Right, I’m up for being DM for this and got some interest in the other thread so let’s make it official.


Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition (DnD 5e)

I’d want at least four players to make a decent party.

We’ll do a one-shot or two to get everyone in the swing of it, then we can push into a full campaign if we want.


Open to anyone, beginners to seasoned pros.

This will be a fun game, not taken too seriously, but don’t come just to take the piss out of the nerds and their silly game. :slight_smile:

I’ll walk new players through everything, you’ll just need a general idea of the type of character you want to play. You don’t need anything but access to the internet. Don’t worry if the rest of this post makes no sense. It’s nowhere near as complicated as it seems, I promise. In fact, it’s one of the easiest games in the world to play.

I’m not Matt Mercer and this will be my first go at DMing, so it will almost certainly be a bit clunky at the start.


I’m free outside working hours on either Monday, Thursday, Friday or all day Sunday.

I want to get a regular day and time agreed so we’re not arranging it each time.

If you can’t make a session, we’ll either make up a reason why you wandered off for a bit or - if you’re okay with it - I’ll take your turns for you.


Happy to run it either:

  • Voice only through zoom or discord
  • Zoom with shared screen so you can see maps etc.
  • Zoom/Discord for chat with Roll20 characters and maps
  • Character sheets either online or paper

Again, I can talk you all through these if needed.


I’d prefer it if you all roll new characters together for this, but if you have one you really want to use then fine as long as it’s level one.

I will have some house-rules:

  • official races/classes only (but no monster races or bird people)
  • plucky adventurers are best, so no evil or edgy characters and no ‘haunted one’ background
  • make your backstory realistic, you’re level one, you are not powerful
  • remember it’s a group game and don’t hog the spotlight

I love building characters so I’m happy to help as much as you need.


Let me know below if you’re interested.

If we get enough for a party who are all free at the same time, I’ll arrange some chats to sort your awesome characters out before the first session. If not, we can let this thread die on its arse.

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YES :mage:

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Yes! I have the rules here and everything !

I can only do it if it’s Sunday or Monday out of your possible days though (Otherwise my children might mock me). Monday would be the pref cos it would be nice to have something to look forward to on a Monday!

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Just dug our the starter set, handling those dice gave me quite the Proustian rush :grinning:

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I could be up for this. Wont have a clue what i’m doing.

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I can play Mon or Sun if @grievoustim’s kids are going to bully him.

I have what I think is a workable L1 character already.

We used this if you’re short on time: https://fastcharacter.com/

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I was gonna be an Aasimar but can make myself something more standard to begin with (i probably ought to do this anyway)

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I’m okay with an Aasimar, they don’t have special roleplay quirks to wrangle with so it’s fine. :slight_smile:

Right, for the inners, let’s get things nailed down a bit:

(others can still join btw)


  • Sunday afternoon (2pm ish)
  • Sunday evening (6 or 7pm ish)
  • Monday evening (7pm ish)

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Same. I want to learn more games but I’m quite bad at picking them up. Not sure I want to be spoiling it for others with my zero skills.


Mines a vote for Sunday OR Monday evenings.


In D&D we mess about a bit with dice and decisions about who you’re going to be and fill in a character sheet. That’s who you’ll pretend to be in the game.

Then, as we play, you tell me what you want to do, then I’ll explain what to do, to check if your character can do it. So you’ll say “I want to climb the wall” and I’ll tell you to roll a dice and maybe add a number to that roll, and if you roll high enough you’ll do it.

There’s some individual powers to remember, but we’re starting at level one so this won’t be much at all. Like, one special thing you get to do once per day.

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Not played D&D since AD&D, can’t wait for this. Is THAC0 still a thing? :joy:

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I’ve not heard of it, so let’s pretend it doesn’t :smiley:

I’m so excited about D&DiS!

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Would be tempted to join, but I think I’d be crippled by social anxiety… maybe I could play as a mute.

But thought I’d share for any DnD curious peeps like myself, they put together some basic rules for free on this here PDF to try and make the game accessible to as many as possible: https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/DnD_BasicRules_2018.pdf.


Nah, they ditched that in 3rd edition where they decided that it should always be a high value you want. Hence AC starts at 10 (okay that’s still a bit counter-intuitive but whatevs) and now it goes up. AC 20 is realistically still close to AC 0 in the old game in terms of toughness but there are so many more bonuses to rolls available that it’s still very much no guarantee of being not hit.

A first level character can achieve AC 20 I think but possibly only if they can use heavy armour and carry a shield.

So now you’re rolling your attack roll to beat their AC so there are no tables to refer to.

Obviously what Sadpunk said. D&D is sort of a game of two parts, combat and the other stuff!

Normal walking around role-playing is the other stuff, which isn’t usually much different to any exploration game on a console: you look about, you talk to people, you try to find some kind of quest/job to do…or you’ve been given that job and you need to find out or get hold of things to help achieve it.

There’s not much use of any rules in this part. Your character has a set of ~20 skills that they can ‘use’ (by rolling a D20) but often you won’t need to: they’re meant to represent your need to overcome a challenge of some sort, like convincing someone to trust you or steal something off a bad guy etc. But often just talking to someone normally will be enough. (You might use some racial or class powers of course to help out so it’s always worth just looking over to see if you have something cool.)

Combat is where all the rules start coming out. But it’s all turn-based so a lot of the time you will just be called on to make pretty straight-forward decisions for your character and you get a lot of time to get things straight and work out what something means. Every turn you’ll get to Move and/or Act if you so desire. There are a lot of rules but most of them won’t apply in your turn.

is a good resource but most of it is locked away unless either you buy it or you know someone with the ability to share their content with you (which means they’ve spent £100s on the site).

If you’ve never played before the free basic rules can be downloaded in PDF form here


Or you can go through it on DnDBeyond here:

if you install the app to a phone/tablet then you can download the rules to read on there if that’s more useful.

If any rules aren’t clear sometimes you’ll find clarifications here:

oh damn

I’m so down for one of these

maybe if I’m feeling a bit better soon

You do not need to spend hundreds at all. As a player, anyway.

You get the basics completely free and can buy each bit that you want separately for like £2.

So, if you want a race that’s not in the player handbook, it’s just £2.

It’s an amazing tool that does all the boring math bits for you. And you have all your info there, in detail, so you don’t need to keep looking stuff up.

You can also use a Chrome extension called ‘beyond20’ that means you can connect to roll20 games.

It’s great and I’d strongly suggest people use it when we make their characters :smiley:

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