Dungeons and DiSers (recruitment thread)

Would love to join, but can’t really do anything until R is asleep so those times won’t work for me.

If anyone wants to write a little summary of your adventures after each session I would be very curious to follow your campaign though!


Time wise poll was a dead tie but Songs and Twents said they can do Monday too so let’s go Monday. WHOOP!

Can you do Monday, @keith?

Multiple choice as we need either zoom or discord, then roll20 is optional.

  • Zoom
  • Discord (voice only)
  • Roll20 (needs sign up, but means best maps)

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After this, I’ll start DMing folks about building their characters. EXCITING.


:zap: Lightning Bolt! :zap: Lightning Bolt!

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We’ll need at least zoom or discord, btw, the vocie chat in roll20 is nasty.

Oh yeah sorry, I didn’t mean you have to spend 100s just to own stuff, I mean the only people who can share content with you are people with the full pack thingie that means you’ve bought EVERYTHING! :smiley:

You can buy the bits and (I believe) if you later buy the whole sourcebook then you get it reduced by what you already bought from it so you don’t lose anything.

The only downside is that you can’t try before you buy so you can’t really tell if you want a given race before you buy it.

Buying the Players Handbook on there will give any player enough content to be going on with. I think that’s about $30 USD.

It’s just possible there may be PDFs of the PHB around somewhere but I couldn’t possible post about that on a public forum post obviously…

Pfft n00b! It’s all about Fireball!

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No one needs to buy the player handbook either, stop telling people they need to spend money, Theo! :smiley:


I don’t have Roll20 but can easily get it.

I bought some dice for my other game but The Child stole them and lost one the day that they arrived.

I don’t think she can lose electronic dice.


I want to spend money!!!

Oh man, I’m not saying you HAVE to have it, I’m just saying it’ll give all those races and classes, but I’ve not actually stacked up the cost of buying the bits vs buying the individual: races, classes, feats and the like.

(Also see my spoiler…)

I think DnD Beyond has built in electronic dice now, which is nice.


Right, but I’m just trying to organise a game, we’ve not got to character creation yet and you’re talking about buying handbooks and spending £100s on DNDBeyond :smiley:

Yeah sorry if I misworded that.

Let’s be clear

I am not talking about spending £100s in beyond and I would never advocate that.

I’m just saying if you know someone who has they can lend you the content.

I’m happy with or without video. I’m in a regular game that’s just voice over discord and maps on Roll20 and it works great.

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My only request is not having push to talk, as when I tried it got really awkward and stunted

would prefer non-zoom if poss,uninstalled it for privacy woes, ah pyar love maps

Hope you all have a lot of fun

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Reminder to self to do something about this over the weekend x



Last night I had a test of Roll20 and now I just need to add tokens for you all and send you all the invite. So I’m gonna send a group DM with that and other details over the weekend. Then it’s all kicking off on Monday at 7pm.

I’ve been loving seeing the character sheets and stuff come through. It’s going to be a great party!

I am SO excited! :smiley:


I’m going to be a human cleric, I just haven’t done anything about it yet. He might also be drunk.

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