Dungeons & DiSers Part 21: Fire Finger, the plan with the spider’s touch

We didn’t do any D&D this week because I was in a bad way.

Fortunately, this means we can finally do the recap from the previous week that I didn’t get round to because I was ill.

Putting this thread up so I don’t forget. One of the wonderful players will be posting the recap in here soon. :slight_smile:

The cast

Zana Dalanthan (@anon75298087) Wood Elf Druid
Da’shiel Falconer (@HobbesWhenHeWasNew) Half-Elf Rogue
Gloran Hopback (@grievoustim) Dwarf Monk
Sir Curtas Sulazar (@keith) Human Fighter

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The story so far

There’s something going on with death. Anyone who has been previously brought back to life is slowly wasting away. This Death Curse has affected a wizard named Syndra who has tasked the party with finding its cause.

All that’s known so far is that the curse is being caused by an artefact called The Soulmonger and that artefact is somewhere in the vast, uncharted jungle of Chult.

After being teleported to the vibrant city of Port Nyanzaru in Chult, the party have hired a guide and are heading to Fire Finger where they’ve heard talk of ‘Terror Folk’

Part 21: Fire Finger, the plan with the spiders touch

I have a character now and I am unbelievably excited :grinning:


No post from Sir Curtas after the last episode so here is our recap from 9th Nov:

We join the team hacking and stumbling through the jungle towards Azaka’s sacred mask and the Ptera-Folk guarding it. After their impressive athletic displays last week, Gloren and Zana took their turn in holding up progress with a series of pathetic dice-rolls.

Eventually, night began to fall and the adventurers made camp; dining on some fine dinosaur neck before they slept. During his watch, Gloren overheard the sound of something both giant and snakey moving through the undergrowth. He woke Azaka and started to rouse the sleeping warriors. The snake successfully attacked Azaka, but she shrugged off the damage of the creature’s fangs and poison by being utterly nails. Sir Curtas landed some devastating blows on the snake and Zana used to her thorn whip to finally stop the creature. Zana roughly skinned the snake corpse and saved some venom in a vial.

After an undisturbed rest of the night and a grilled snake meat breakfast, the group disturbed an adorable and terrifying Zorbo. Despite failed attempts to sneak past and Zana’s attempts to make friends with the cuddly little monster, it attacked her in a snarling fury of claws and squeals. Gloren responded with a flurry of blows and Zana finished it with her scimitar. You can’t eat Zorbo.

Azaka explained her plan for climbing Firefinger using a series of crude diagrams and gestures. Sir Curtas demonstrated his natural grasp of new cultures and ideas by asking for each instruction to be repeated several times. She also drew an interesting modernist interpretation of an intimidating nine-foot-tall Ptera-Person in the sand [we really need to start taking screenshots].

The pre-dawn approach on the tower went without a hitch. It was not until the stealthy, nimble Dash and the athletic Sir Curtas attempted to climb a ladder to the first level of the complex that a hitch appeared. Both heroically dusted themselves off and were successful at second attempt.

In the darkness of the first-floor space, Gloren heard the sound of spiders. Using the light of Dash’s lantern and the tactical nous developed from their inglorious battle against The Black Spider in Wave Echo Cave, the group dispatched four giant spiders without taking damage: Sir Curtas killed one with crossbow and sword respectively; Zana took out one with a thorn whip; Gloren axed one into a legless broken thorax.

At the rear of the first floor, the group discovered a chimney which provided the only access to the second floor. After some hushed negotiation and much to Sir Curtas’ disappointment, they snuck carefully past a room containing a nest of buzzing stirges and some kind of glinting treasure. The evening ended as they made their way cautiously out onto a narrow ledge ready to ascend to the third floor.


Looking forward to getting back on it tonight with a full house! :smiley: