Dungeons & DiSers Part 22: The Legend of Noodle Armed Quentin

Hello! Zana here, recapping for the mysterious god who guides all of our madcap adventures.

The cast

Zana Dalanthan (@dingaling) Wood Elf Druid
Da’shiel Falconer (@HobbesWhenHeWasNew) Half-Elf Rogue
Gloran Hopback (@grievoustim) Dwarf Monk
Sir Curtas Sulazar (@keith) Human Fighter
Lero Aytano (@anon89873996) Gnome Sorceror
Fannloy Roade (@frenchtoast) Human Cleric

The story so far

There’s something going on with death. Anyone who has been previously brought back to life is slowly wasting away. This Death Curse has affected a wizard named Syndra who has tasked the party with finding its cause.

All that’s known so far is that the curse is being caused by an artefact called The Soulmonger and that artefact is somewhere in the vast, uncharted jungle of Chult.

After being teleported to the vibrant city of Port Nyanzaru in Chult, the party have hired a guide and are currently ascending Fire Finger to retrieve their guide’s treasured possession

The Legend of Noodle-Armed Quentin

Once upon a time, Noodle-Armed Quentin was wandering through the jungle of Chult, enjoying some rest after another breathtaking, incredible feat of bravery and strength.

As he slept to rest, a cowardly Ptera-folk swooped down and lifted him off the ground. Not wanting to severely hurt the poor creature without at least giving it a chance to explain, Quentin allowed himself to be taken to the Pterafolk next atop Firefinger.

This turned out to be a horrible trick and Quentin was bound and gagged, presumably by some kind of magic bindings, and put in a cage.

The next day, Quentin awoke in that cage and the floor of the cage was definitely dry. He was not alone in his captivity, there was also an elderly looking Gnome and an Aarakocra (bird man).

As the morning progressed, one of the Ptera-Folk guarding Quentin dropped suddenly to death. Was it a stroke of fate? Was it Quentin’s sheer force of will? Or was it the rogue who had snuck up behind him? We’ll never know for sure, but it’s safe to assume it was Quentin’s force of will.

A party of lucky adventurers stumbled into the room and we’re clearly intimidated by Quentin’s presence. Through some weird fluke of luck, they somehow broke the magic bindings that had prevented Quentin from slaughtering the Pterafolk himself.

The group, made up of men, dwarves, elves and some breeds between, freed the other two captives, letting the bird man escape. Before he flew off, he was able to thank the group and mentioned some nonsense about a special dance at his flock’s village. The gnome seemed to make friends with the group and decided to stick around.

After some shameful begging and pleading from the party, Quentin graciously agreed to help them tackle the remaining Pterafolk at the top of Fire Finger. It was, of course, like sending a fleet of dragons to attack a gnat, but Quentin wanted to make sure these chancers didn’t get themselves hurt.

As they pressed on to the top of Fire Finger, they were assaulted by a large number of Pterafolk. One of the adventurers must have done something to Quentin, some sinister magic or curse, for he was lifted off the peak by at least 15 Pterafolk. They clearly realised their mistake, seeing that they had taken hold of a true champion, for they panicked and let him go.

As Quentin fell to his sad demise, he saw the elf turn into a wolf, the woman guiding them turn into a weretiger and one of the Pterafolk fall asleep and drop out of the air. The other adventurers were hacking at the Pterafolk and backing into a large stone chimney for cover.

Quentin’s body was never found, but we’re assured his loincloth was dry. No one knows what became of those poor adventurers stuck on top of Firefinger without the help of Noodle-Armed Quentin.

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Longest OP ever?

I think so

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When you go full-method playing a depressed drunk, it’s genuinely mind-blowing to read these and go… I’ve no idea what’s been happening :laughing:

As long as you’ve got your melty hand thing it’s all fine



Didn’t write down what spells I’d used last week, so yeah ALL SPELL SLOTS!

This is really good though - I did wonder when we’d find out the story of the real hero.

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