Dungeons & DiSers Part fifteen: You have 12 undead messages

What happened last week in Dungeons and DiSers? You’ll find out here.

As always, apologies for any errors.

The cast

Gloran Hopback (@grievoustim) Dwarf Monk
Sir Kelross (@ericVII) Half-elf Ranger
Zana Dalanthan (@anon75298087) Wood Elf Druid
Sir Curtas Sulazar (@keith) Human Fighter
Fannloy Roade (@anon67149139) Human Cleric

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The story so far

The dwarf Gundren Rockseeker, a close friend of the party, had recently found a map he thought would lead him and his two brothers to Wave Echo Cave; a magical cave that most people assume is a myth. A place where magical weapons can be made!

Gundren and his bodyguard, Sildar, were ambushed on the way to the town of Phandalin. The party rescued Sildar but Gundren had been taken to Cragmaw Castle at the request of The Black Spider and was sadly killed during the party’s rescue attempt.

The Black Spider is a dark elf who wants to find Wave Echo Cave for himself. He’s arranged every setback the party have faced since leaving the city of Neverwinter.

Now deep in Wave Echo Cave, the Black Spider has asked the party to clear the monsters in the cave in exchange for a truce. And so our heroes are now being attacked by a swarm of zombies and a floating, flaming skull has just thrown a fireball at them that might have killed one of their number…

Part fifteen: You have 12 undead messages

Sir Curtas climbed out of the trench that had just been lit up by a stream of fire, aiming his crossbow at the floating skull bearing down on the Heroes of Phandalin. As the smoke cleared, he fired and watched as the bolt flew into the airborne skull. He wasn’t sure if it had done anything, but he loaded his next bolt anyway.

Sir Kelross entered the room after seeing the blast hit and badly hurt three of his friends. He saw Zana doing her best to stabilize a badly injured Fannloy and gave her cover by sending arrows into the flaming skull and one of the advancing zombies

Further into the room, Gloren took down a zombie and turned to see his scattered and injured friends. While distracted he was swarmed by advancing zombies who beset him with clumsy attacks.

Spotting Sir Curtas moving into a flanking position, the flameskull summoned a circle of flame beneath the knight. But not before another round of arrows from Sir Curtas’s and Sir Kelross struck the floating bone-faced prick.

As Zana saw Fannloy stabilizing, she uttered a healing word to bring him back to his feet. The cleric stood up, quickly took in the advancing undead, the badly hurt Zana and SIr Kelross, and poor Gloren swarmed by zombies. He instinctively held out his holy symbol and belched out a prayer of healing. Radiant light flooded from Fannloy and brought a wave of much-needed healing to his friends.

The Heroes of Phandalin were back at full strength, now to see if it was enough.

Gloren punched another zombie to death and used his superior monk agility to break free of the undead crowd. The zombies shuffled forward with limbs flailing but none of them could land a blow.

The flameskull shot out a magical barrage that badly hit Sir Kelross while the ball of fire he’d sent after SIr Curtas burned its target.

Zana shifted into dire wolf form and leapt towards the flaming skull, but sadly her bite fell short. Meanwhile Fannloy had summoned his spiritual weapon in the guise of a mock flameskull and sent it swinging into the mass of zombies.

As Gloren punched the unlife from another zombie, the undead swarm had managed to crowd him and Zana, with the wolf taking some damage from their attacks.

AIming to finish what he started with his last attack, the flameskull launched another barrage of spell damage at Sir Kelross. This time the damage was too much and SIr Kelross was knocked to the ground, his longbow clattering to the floor beside him.

Fannloy cast Spare the Dying to stop Sir Kelross from dying, while his spiritual weapon continued to smash around the zombies.

Gloren continued his roll by taking another zombie down, while Zana’s fearsome bite took down another.

Knowing its biggest threat came from those firing arrows at its elevated position, the Flameskull turned its attention to Sir Curtas. It launched another deadly barrage that tore into the knight. SIr Curtas called on his sense of entitlement to gain a Second Wind and shrug off almost all of the damage. Meanwhile, Sir Kerloss was healed by Fannloy and was back on his feet.It seems the undead were still unable to keep the party down.

With snapping jaws and swinging axes, Gloren and Zana were starting to thin out the zombie tide, while the flameskull shot fire rays at Sir Curtas and Gloren that failed to hit either of them.

Fannloy, leaving his spiritual weapon to help smash more zombies, joined Sir Kelross and Sir Curtas in firing arrows into the floating skull.

As the last of the zombies fell to a spinning kick from Gloren, Sir Curtas lined up another crossbow shot. The bolt smashed upwards into the base of the floating skull and they watched as the green flame surrounding it instantly flickered out. The skull dropped to the ground and lay there, lifeless and motionless. This destructive undead force that had almost killed a number of them was now nothing more than a skull among many others in the cave.

Sir Kelross was no stranger to the undead, in fact he’d spent a considerable amount of time tracking and hunting them. He knew about flameskulls and he warned his friends that unless the skull was cleansed, it would be back to its floating fiery self within an hour.

Fannloy blessed the water in his waterskin and poured it over the skull. With a shrivelling his, the skull seemed to age considerably, to the point of almost collapse. SIr Kelross confirmed the flameskull was no more and would not rise again.

Having cleared out the room, the party found that they were on the other side of the barricaded door they’d found earlier. Clearly the Black Spider’s bugbears had been keeping the undead blocked off. Needing a rest and feeling like the walk back around might be a bit much, Sir Curtas tried to push open the barricaded door. Unfortunately even his considerable strength wasn’t enough. Sir Kelross took a run up and launched a flying kick at the door, it buckled but didn’t open. Eventually Zana broke the door down and the party found themselves back in the place they’d rested previously and took to their beds as Sir Curtas lit a fire in the room’s brazier.

They sure made a lot of noise hammering that door down, but they didn’t need to worry about that. They agreed to a watch rota and all was good. They lay down in knowledge that nothing would come crashing through what was left of the door.

So it was a complete surprise that something came crashing through what was left of the door.

As a pack of ghouls shuffled their way in, the party sprang to their feet and attacked. Despite getting a few attacks in on Sir Curtas and Gloren, the ghouls were dealt with in short order. But Sir Kelross had failed to land a single shot.

Sir Curtas noticed that the ranger was looking increasingly unwell during the fight .As the party looked around to make sure they’d taken care of the last of the ghouls, Sir Kelross wandered out of the room and headed to the watery cavern they’d seen the previous day.

The party watched with growing concern as Sir Kelross seemed to struggle to walk and wasn’t responding as they shouted after him. By the time they caught up to him, the ranger was withered and clearly dying. It was as if the life were being drained from him. In a painfully short moment, Sir Kelross was no more. All that remaining was an exhausted shell that barely looked like their friend.

They carried his body to rock in the waters of the cave and lay him down. Zana planted a flower on the corpse and said “Thank you, Sir Kelross”. One by one they said their goodbyes, knowing there was little time to grieve in such a dangerous place.

What on earth had caused Sir Kelross to die so suddenly? Were the undead behind this? What’s the Black Spider up to at the moment? Are there more obstacles for the party to clear? Will they ever find the secret of Wave Echo Cave and the magical weapons it can supposedly forge?

Kill count:
36 goblins
13 bugbears
11 hobgoblins
9 redbrand thugs
8 zombies
7 orcs
7 skeletons
5 wolves
3 ghouls
2 doppelgangers
1 jelly
1 ogre
1 grick
1 nothic
1 flameskull


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