Dungeons & DiSers Part fourteen: Something about incy wincy spider maybe, I dunno

What happened in D&D last week, finally written up for 3 likes and a sense of personal satisfaction.

Not had chance to read this back so excuse any errors, typos or bits that make no sense.

The cast

Gloran Hopback (@grievoustim) Dwarf Monk
Sir Kelross (@ericVII) Half-elf Ranger
Zana Dalanthan (@anon75298087) Wood Elf Druid
Sir Curtas Sulazar (@keith) Human Fighter
Fannloy Roade (@anon67149139) Human Cleric

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The story so far

The dwarf Gundren Rockseeker, a close friend of the party, had recently found a map he thought would lead him and his two brothers to Wave Echo Cave; a magical cave that most people assume is a myth.

Gundren and his bodyguard, Sildar, were ambushed on the way to the town of Phandalin. The party rescued Sildar but Gundren had been taken to Cragmaw Castle at the request of The Black Spider and was sadly killed during the party’s rescue attempt.

The Black Spider is a dark elf who wants to find Wave Echo Cave for himself. He’s arranged every setback the party have faced since leaving the city of Neverwinter.

After becoming local heroes in the town of Phandalin, they are now fighting their way through Wave Echo Cave in the hope of finding their nemesis and ending whatever scheme he’s up to. They cleared out a room of Bugbears and decided to rest in there.

Part fourteen: Something about incy wincy spider maybe, I dunno

BOOM! BOOM! The party’s rest was broken by a loud thumping on the barricaded door on the opposite side of the room. BOOM! BOOM! The banging continued.

Sir Curtas yelled “BJklbggggrk” (Orcish for “Yes, can I help you?”), but got no response other than an increased urgency to the banging. Zana pressed her elven ear to the door and could also hear scratching, kicking and a slight moaning noise.

They decided to leave this knocking threat behind the barricaded door, and they left by the door they’d entered.

Creeping up the stairs to the north, they came to a T-junction. The corridor going left led to an elaborate set of double doors that were locked, so they went right and found themselves in a large cavern.

At the opposite end of the cavern was a huge pit. At the edge of the pit, a bugbear and a dark elf watched two bugbears scavenge below. Large iron spikes had been driven into the ground around the edge, with ropes tied to them which ran into the pit.

A dark elf! Could this be The Black Spider at last? Sir Curtas was not going to wait for introductions and charged in. As he came face-to-face with the dark elf, he swung his sword fiercely and expertly, causing a savage critical strike. The dark elf screamed in agony and spun round to face his attacker. He barely had time to register the Heroes of Phandalin bearing down on him before Sir Curtas struck again with another powerful blow.

Fannloy followed his friend’s lead and fired a well-placed crossbow bolt into the dark elf, scoring another critical hit. The shadowy figure cried out in pain once more.

Zana, seeing the bugbears from the pit running towards the ropes to climb out, cast a spike trap on the floor of the pit. Spikes shot up from the ground, injuring both the bugbears. Their advance would be slowed now.

But there was a bugbear already out of the pit, so Gloren charged at the beast to stop him hindering the party’s assault on the dark elf.

Meanwhile Sir Kelross drew his bow and fired a great shot into the dark elf, which sent him reeling and left him almost dead. Had they done it? Had this series of frankly incredible rolls brought about the end of The Black Spider?

Not yet defeated, the dark elf hissed at Sir Curtas, “that all you’ve got, posh boy?” and struck the knight with a strong attack.

Sir Curtas could tell this fight was over and after taking the hit, he attacked his exposed enemy with an easily placed fatal strike. As the dark elf’s body fell to the ground, it shifted into a grey shape, still humanoid but oddly featureless. The party quickly recognised this was a doppelganger, similar to the one they fought at Cragmaw Castle.

Now there were three bugbears that needed attention. Zana’s spike trap had left the two that climbed out of the pit in bad shape, but one of them managed to land a strong hit on poor Fannloy.

Sir Curtas and Sir Kelross both landed hits on one of the bugbears, Gloren punched another so hard he broke its jaw. Eventually Sir Curtas cut one of them down with his sword and striding over the corpse, he yelled at another to surrender.

Seeing his boss and friend both slain before him, the bugbear made a run for it. The stupid beast ran through the party, so they all swung at him. Sir Curtas was first as the bugbear ran from him, but his sword missed. Fannloy was quick to swing his mace at the fleeing creature but unfortunately he missed. Sir Kelross let loose an arrow which unfortunately missed. Finally Zana, scimitar in hand, swung wide of the bugbear.

This incredibly lucky bugbear looked like he might actually escape from the so-called Heroes of Phandalin, but Sir Kelross redeemed himself by killing it with a single arrow to the back.

As the last bugbear fought bravely, he too was eventually felled by Sir Kelross. This time the ranger used his short sword to finish the beast.

As the cavern fell silent, the party saw an exit to the west that it seemed would lead to the other side of those nice, but locked, doors they saw earlier. There were also two exits from the pit, one heading north, one heading east.

They crept along the exit to the west, passing a door on their right as they headed for the end of the corridor.

As Gloren peered around, the corridor opened up to a darkened room with a huge Dwarven statue at one end. In front of the statue was a dark elf and skittering around the many columns in the room were four giant spiders.

Gloren decided to sneak back and report to the group but the sound of rapid arachnid movement told him he had been heard.

“Hello?” said the dark elf. “You might as well come out”.

Slowly and nervously, the party emerged and spoke to the figure. He was happy to introduce himself as The Black Spider and seemed almost impressed to be meeting the party he’d tasked Glassstaff with eliminating.

Although he spoke politely and conducted himself with impeccable manners, he showed little remorse for the death of Gundren. He said he didn’t want anyone else finding the cave.

He quizzed the party on what they’d faced in the cave so far and tasked them with clearing out the rest. Offering a truce in return.

The party accepted, but not all of them thought The Black Spider was on the level.

As they headed back to the cavern and lowered themselves into the pit (or, in Gloren and Fannloy’s case, fell into the pit), they made their way to an exit to the east.

As they moved carefully along, they felt an odd warmth coming from their destination. Eventually they entered a room with a huge forge in it. A forge that was clearly not working because they stood in a shallow canal that would have channelled the water used to power it - and it was very, very dry.

It soon became very clear that they were not alone, as zombies came crawling from the shadows. One, then two, then a third, then more than they had time to count. Gloren smacked the first undead prick to reach them, landing a good hit, but something else rose from the centre of the room.

A large floating skull, covered in green flame, with red eyes blazing. The combined colours gave everything a psychedelic glow as its light sent shadows from the forge and everyone in the room.

It screamed out a huge ball of fire that shot along the dry canal and into the party.

Zana and Sir Curtas managed to jump to the side, but still suffered incredibly painful burns that they would not recover from quickly. As the fire and smoke cleared, the party saw Fannloy. His badly burned body lying motionless on the ground.

The skull cackled and the zombies pressed forward.

Oh no, the undead! Is this what The Black Spider wanted clearing? Was that really The Black Spider? Will Fannloy make it? Will any of them make it? What else could be in this godforsaken cave?

Kill count:
36 goblins
13 bugbears
11 hobgoblins
9 redbrand thugs
7 orcs
7 skeletons
5 wolves
2 doppelgangers
1 jelly
1 ogre
1 grick
1 nothic


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