Dungeons & DiSers Part nineteen: hit me with your quest log

I’m finding it hard to get the time to give these recaps the effort that I would like to. Which sucks as I love writing them.

What can adventurers do against such reckless DMing? They can write their own recaps from my horrible notes. So this week’s recap will be posted in this thread by one of the players, which I’m very excited about :smiley:

The cast

Zana Dalanthan (@anon75298087) Wood Elf Druid
Da’shiel Falconer (@HobbesWhenHeWasNew) Half-Elf Rogue
Gloran Hopback (@grievoustim) Dwarf Monk
Fannloy Roade (@anon67149139) Human Cleric (absent this week)
Sir Curtas Sulazar (@keith) Human Fighter

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The story so far

There’s something going on with death. Anyone who has been previously brought back to life is slowly wasting away. This Death Curse has affected a wizard named Syndra who has tasked the party with finding its cause.

All that’s known so far is that the curse is being caused by an artefact called The Soulmonger and that artefact is somewhere in the vast, uncharted jungle of Chult.

After being teleported to the vibrant city of Port Nyanzaru in Chult, the party need to find a guide to help them in the jungle. They’re currently in a bar, mingling with the locals.

Part nineteen: hit me with your quest log

Loved Sir Curtas’ reminiscing about playing with the servants whilst trying to get his head around keeping a low profile.

Looking forward to fixing dinosaur races at some point in the future.


I really enjoyed that but the best moment of the night was either @anon75298087 or @flash posting ‘cringe’ in the chat just as I was about to hit peak modesty.


Quest Log will be completed tomorrow.

Watch This Space!


I had to turn my mic off because I couldn’t stop laughing


Quest Log! Quest Log!
Here’s my Quest Log!

Dearest Mama and Papa,

I hope that this dispatch from distant shores finds you in the most blessed of good health. It will no doubt please you to know that my time away from the Salazar estate has already proven to be most useful. I am travelling with the most exciting and interesting group of travellers imaginable. I hope that one day you will allow me to bring them back to meet you. It has all been very exciting.

We are currently stationed in a place called Nyamazal, which is a busy trading port on the edge of a jungle. Our sponsor in this place has asked us to investigate the cause of a mysterious illness which has already claimed one of party and threatens another. Be assured, that I am washing my hands as often as I can and trying not to touch the help. I have often considered your advice on using my posture to represent my station in life and am trying not to put my hands in my pockets until after supper.

We have met a variety of interesting and colourful local characters over the last day. My friend Gloren spoke to a man meeting an airship (by which, I mean a ship which can fly through the air) which may have crashed in the jungle. Some chaps playing at cards (do you know Mad King Six? It looked ever so exciting. You may find it complicated, so I’ll enclose some diagrams of the rules next chance I get. It’s ever so exciting) mentioned deserted villages near a place called the Olden Basin (yes, I’m washing my hands!!) and a delightful half-orc lady enquired through my friend Zana about our escorting her to a camp near the Shushshushshush river. One of the bar arm-wrestlers (I believe him to be an amateur but you can never tell when you’re adventuring) told us a story of the location of the remaining members of the Chult royal family up a long river. I vaguely remember Nanny (do you remember grey-haired one we had before Nanny arrived?) telling tales of having worked for the Chults but you know how she used to make things up. The chaps in the bar didn’t seem convinced but we’re keen to look out for families of noble blood so we’ll see what we can do. It’s very exciting.

We met a chap involved with The Lord’s Alliance in the area and he seemed genuinely impressed with the good deeds that I’ve already had a chance to complete on my Grand Tour. The meeting was not without incident as it appeared we rescued him from a robbery being committed by one of those cat people. I know that you will worry but rest assured I am not spending time around those sorts of people. It was very exciting. Lorek (our TLA chap) even offered us a ship in exchange for locating some places (Nangalunga and Orolore or something) on a map of the jungle for him. It is amazing how many people need good, brave representatives in this place. I find the level of need quite amazing given that almost everyone we have spoken to so far has either offered us work or offered to sell us something. I feel that galley ship might allow us to return with enough treasure to return running water to the West Wing of the chateau (and possibly even excavate your wine cellar from the ruins of the Northern pantry, Papa!)

We finally employed a guide to help us navigate the jungle. Azaka (you’d say that she’s strapping, Papa; you’d say that she’s ferocious, Mama) needs us to help her recover an item from some Terrorfolk living up Fire Mountain. It’s very exciting to be leaving civilisation to do some good in the world. And also explore the jungle to see what we can find there. Also, we’re probably going to start sending treasure home because we’re excellent at finding it on our exciting adventures. She has promised to keep us safe.

Do you know that they race dinosaurs in Nyazzazz? I’ll send some postcards if we can get into the enclosure on our return from the jungle. I’m not sure when the racing season starts here, and I’d hate to waste time watching if they’re not really sporting.

Please do not worry that I have been mixing with irresolute chaps, but my travelling chum Fannloy (he’s a religious man) heartily recommends the local parsnip brandy. Please do ask Chutney to look out for it on his next visit to the market.

Anyway, I must return my attentions to the quest at hand now as we leave in an hour.

Yours in respectful, courteous and loving absence,


PS – In order to maintain discretion, we were advised to create a ‘cover story’ so local ruffians would not care to bother us on our heroic enterprises. Dash (very exciting and mysterious chap that he is) suggested the group pretend to be, wait for it, my travelling servants as I look to enhance my status in application to join The Lord’s Alliance. You can imagine how much I laughed as I told them of the games of pretend that I used to play with Nanny and those dark fellows with moustaches who tended the garden! What larks! Anyway, mention not a word of this to anyone, especially not Uncle Mercutio (what with his drinking and those charges that he had to have argued down). I shall do my best to pretend (as if I haven’t been practising all of my nineteen years!) to know how to command a bunch of working folk and generally feel superior to all of them. It is very exciting.


oh mate, this is exceptional work! :smiley:


This is brilliant.

Full on lol at