🧙🏻‍♂️🐉Dungeons & DiSers 🛡⚔️ the rolling (d20) thread 🎲

We figured it would be easier to have a rolling thread for our recaps! Not that anyone outside of our party gives a shit but it makes us happy.

ANYWAY, currently we have:

I play Zana Dalanthan, a wood elf druid :wolf::hibiscus:
Da’shiel Falconer (@HobbesWhenHeWasNew) Half-Elf Rogue
Gloran Hopback (@grievoustim) Dwarf Monk
Sir Curtas Sulazar (@keith) Human Fighter
Lero Aytano (@anon89873996) Gnome Sorceror
Fannloy Roade (@frenchtoast) Human Cleric

@sadpunk is our DM, and we are missing our lost bros @Songs_about_ducking and @anon42112221. We play on Monday nights and recap later in the week. BYE!


Here are all of our previous recaps (there’s a LOT)


Dungeons & DiSers Part one: Don’t know who you are, pal

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Dungeons & DiSers Part seven: The Linton Gravel Cavern

Dungeons & DiSers Part eight: Staff meeting

Dungeons & DiSers Part nine: Crossbow, Skills & Crash

Dungeons & DiSers Part ten: More killing stuff in a castle

Dungeons & DiSers Part eleven: It’s murder at the Cragmaw, you’d better not kill the dwarf

Dungeons & DiSers Part twelve: I’m here, to remind you, of the cross Owlbear that you gave to me

Dungeons & DiSers Part thirteen: Cave of mutilation

Dungeons & DiSers Part fourteen: Something about incy wincy spider maybe, I dunno

Dungeons & DiSers Part fifteen: You have 12 undead messages

Dungeons & DiSers Part sixteen: Spy(der)fall

Dungeons & DiSers Parts seventeen and eighteen: Rogue Wave, Cave In and Mega Death, Old Blue Last, 4gp, 3gp NUS.

Dungeons & DiSers Part nineteen: hit me with your quest log

Dungeons & DiSers Part Twenty: If you got the money, honey, we got your disease

Dungeons & DiSers Part 21: Fire Finger, the plan with the spider’s touch

Dungeons & DiSers Part 22: The Legend of Noodle Armed Quentin

Meet the cast!

@sadpunk, our benevolent and malevolent god

Me, the shapeshifting druid

@keith and I guess some of his mates from back home

@grievoustim is Gloren the dwarf brewer monk, who can only be summed up by

@HobbesWhenHeWasNew is Da’Sheil, a straight/shit talking rogue

The newest recruit, @anon89873996’s gnome called Lero who disappears mid fight

And, last but not least, Fannloy (@frenchtoast), bearer of divine light

This is the best post I will ever make on DiS.


It is such a shame it won’t get nearly the likes it deserves.


So disappointed I didn’t get the chance to use ice knife yet.

7disssers6dice dotcom

We’re not working folk.


Fella on This Morning with 4 life size sexy elf dolls. I joked that the green one looked like me on Monday nights and then he introduced her as a wood elf :grimacing: I’m not laughing no more


This is incredible! :smiley:

We going to be fighting animated elf sex dolls at some point now then?

Though having now looked at them I reckon we’d be legging it as they’re incredibly creepy.

The web cam link was really fuzzy and it looked like the drow one was talking :weary:

Dash can speak undercommon* so we’d at least be able to understand the harrowing tales of what he does with them.

*disclaimer: not sure if the brummie accent would affect how well he would be able to follow her.

This post may be the single nerdiest thing I’ve ever said.


Ah no, it was Dingers’ picture post I was saying was incredible. There will be no animated sex dolls. At least not from me, what Fannloy chooses to represent his spiritual weapon however…

How and when did that evolve from “idk big fucking hammer of justice or whatever”?

You’ve had baguettes, cheeses, dildos and (spoiler) giant cuttlefish bones. An animated sex doll is probably just the next logical step!

I think I was there for the cuttlefish one

Yeah, but we’ve not posted that recap, so anyone who follows this won’t kno… hahaha, no one follows this but us.

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Was wondering where to put this and here seems as good a place as any.

A few of you tagged me in posts in the rate your year thread and others have sent me DMs etc. and I’m a bit overwhelmed. You’re all so lovely.

I offered to be a DM for a DiS D&D game thinking it would be a few sessions during the first locky-d. I had no idea just how great the group would be and how enjoyable you would all make it (applicable to all current and past players). I get so excited planning adventures and wondering how you’ll react to stuff. Then playing the game on Mondays is just an absolute blast! You all have such brilliant characters and always throw yourselves fully into the game.

It’s absolutely one of my highlights of the year, I love it and I can’t wait to see where the adventure goes next.


Right, I’m going to double the monsters in the next encounter to balance out all these niceties.