Dungeons & Dragons (DnD)

Just played for the second ever time and it’s time for its own thread (motherfuckers).

One of our squad (is squad the word?) died! She came back to life though thanks to a couple of bad ass moves from myself OMG.

So many dice! I enjoyed it a lot.

Keep other penoid games to other penoid threads.


I put on my robe and wizard hat

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I wore my regular clothes

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@1101010 you can post that advice again in this one

I put on @ma0sm’s clothes.

This meat in Edinburgh is gonna be good isn’t it


I just tried this for the first time. Housemate DMs a lot so we decided to do one with him. Was a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed it tbh. Seems like it would be really dependent on how good the DM was/ who else you were playing with though.


Never played. What is it?

It’s a game

Yeah, seems to be 99% about the DM.


Was part of roleplaying/wargamming club when I was 12. Played a bit of D&D.

Do I get to be king of the nerds now?

I didn’t realise it could be fatal

After listening to the brilliant podcast The Adventure Zone I have been chomping at the bit to have a game of D&D. My brother has decided to DM our first game and we are just waiting for a few mates to sort out their first characters then will will be getting together for our inaugural game.

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Character creation: note that Abilities hit a new + on even values so a 14 is the same as a 15. Having one 18 will make your character powerful and generally you can do with non-humans.

On the other hand, if you pick a variant human (little box on pg 31) then you get a feat in which case Lucky is your go-to as long as you remember to use it when you get a terrible D20 roll that looks like it might put you in hot water!


There are a lot of backgrounds but most are actually pretty uninteresting. Look for one that gives you skills your character class doesn’t let you pick or ones your character class has that you want but you don’t have enough slots to pick.

Stick to Neutral Good, Chaotic Good or Lawful Neutral align.

If you’ve already got a character sorted then concentrate on remembering its skills for combat (I am TERRIBLE at this still). Can help to write them up in a sort of crib sheet.
Remember you can split your Move around your action and if you can use your bonus action then do.

Tactically everyone can only make on Reaction Move per round so that means if an enemy already did an Opportunity Attack you can move past them freely during your turn without provoking one.
if you can’t think of anything to do either:

  • go ‘full defensive’ so attacks against you are at disadvantage
  • ready an action, like ‘shoot if I see a bad guy appear’

Some people will be cool and some will be dicks. Some people find their inner-dick playing D&D or just play their character very well which can mean they’ll piss you off but it’s important to make sure they’re not just playing their character reacting you yours, not YOU.

Which basically boils down to me tending to only play agreeable characters because it’s easier but you do often get people getting in a bit of a mini strop because they think a player is being an arsehole not their character. Although obvs some players are arseholes :smiley:

In general stay focused when you need to be. Like there are times when you can chat while other characters are doing stuff but when the DM is delivering a monologue about what’s happening best to let them finish rather than disrupt flow with Qs but most DMs make their rules clear

Kill Jester.

Nah, but you get to be @Songs_about_ducking’s cackling sidekick.




member that thread on oldDiS where we played d&d? that was the only time ive played it and i enjoyed it a lot


I don’t, but now I do

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