Dungeons & Dragons (DnD)

I used to play it as a kid (just the basic version) plus the Warhammer RPG, and something called Tunnels and Trolls which only required the purchase of a paperback book and some dice was popular at my school

A couple of xmases ago I bought the basic set for the kids, thinking it would be fun to play. None of us seem to have the patience to learn the rules though, so it remains unplayed - back in the day I was the kid who actually read the rules and was usually DM.

think I would enjoy playing again if I could just create a character and not have to be the fucking DM every time

Bloody loved those threads. Still fondly remember the severed head of Carole Tunt.

Joined some friends for a D&D session at the weekend and loved it. Properly rekindled my love for it.

Am now scouring Roll20 for groups to join because I want to do more! No bites yet, but :crossed_fingers:

I really want to play it but everyone I know’s groups are full up :cry:

Yeah, same, which is why I’m bothering strangers on Roll20.

I really, really don’t feel up to DMing or I’d start a DiS group for fun times and critical fails.

I got a DnD starter thing 2nd hand at my school fete when I was about 12. My dad threw it away when he found out, due to the 80s controversies making him think it was a bit evil (this was mid 90s, so that stuff was already old news/obviously ridiculous). Didn’t even like me and my siblings watching the DnD cartoon(!). Though him being at work stopped him having any control of that. He had no problem with me playing Warhammer though. Weirdo.

Tempted to have a go. And then try getting dad into it now.


Do it!

Also, invite me and dingers along.

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I’ll let you know if I do! And check my dad’s availability for being DM.

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I would deff also be up for some d and d - played when I was a teen but not since. I also do not want to be DM rightaway , but would be happy to take a turn at some point

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How sexy?

Also, are you saying you’ll DM? :slight_smile:
(guess not as you want to be a character)

Would much rather play Shadowrun

I’m totally 100% up for this btw

Best nights for me are Mon, Tues or Fri, or any time on Saturday.

Really enjoying being a half elf trickery cleric who worships a god of trade. My prayer is the “bold find gold” and saying things aren’t very cash money of people.
Completely pacifist, being a cleric, so rely on healing and persuasion spells, bit of stealth. Can’t wait to get back on it when the lockdown lifts.


That would be ace!

I wouldn’t go to loads of trouble unless there’s enough of us to make a decent group, but am very up for it.


now i’m a dnd expert

when we doing this lads?


I’ve started watching Critical Role now, what the hell is happening to me


Is it any good?

I love it, even though one of them has a terrible cockney accent, but then I am only a newb