Dunkirk movie


it’s nolan, so it’ll be big and dumb and annoyingly watchable. ww2 has been overdone tho and i can’t take anymore shit about chris being a genius when he’s clearly not.

what are some good war films?

i’d offer this:




only seen catch once, but it was really good.


def worth a revisit


probably go for


Wont watch it but had a good chuckle at this

On that note i’ll be obvious and say Full Metal Jacket


Will I understand it if I’ve not seen the other 21?


it’s part of the overall catch cinematic universe


Memento > the prestige > batman begins > inception > the dark knight > the ones I’ve not seen > interstellar >>>>>> the dark knight rises


“Kubrick was a major genre-hopper too, and were he around today he would undoubtedly be noodling at a superhero film himself”


Too good innit


Memento > Following > Insomnia > serious Gritty Batman Zero > might watch interstellar but probably not > wouldnt watch the others if you paid me actual money


I always wonder if filmmakers will just shoehorn in an ending where Germany wins.


I reckon this will be good but people will pretend its not (eg Inception). Harry stylea in it is weird


Oh God, that film. I watched it after my son was born and was probably feeling a bit over sensitive, but I’m never watching it again.

Going to see Dunkirk this evening. Quite looking forward to it.


Nah man. Inception is literally the worst film i’ve never seen.


inception isn’t good tho. it’s a solid 5/10 indicating mixed or average reviews.


This thread is even worse than I expected

Dunkirk is great anyway.


i don’t care for nolan fanboys, be gone.