This one goes out to all the people still using Duolingo out there. The free and gamified way to learn a new language in app / website form.

Discussed on the old boards more than once and with @jordan_229 having a ridiculously massive score and a daily streak that’s long over a year, it’s time to get learning again.

They’ve just introduced the concept of Clubs on there too so we can all join the same club and learn while others watch (if that’s what you’re into).

The club name is DiS Duolingo Massive.
The club invite code is YNZFEX.
My username is the same on there as on here.
Donde Esta La Biblioteca.


I remember having some sort of competition with @ghostpony to getting to a certain number of points, but ive been doing it on auto-pilot for ages. Think @Scout had the highest score out of the DiSers.

Buenas motherfucking dias.

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Yeah, I did but not managed to log in since November 2015 because of pregnancy/moving/baby/working/MA etc :frowning: So I think you actually over took me this year. Going to get back to it once my Masters gets less stressful as was also learning Swedish and I have forgotten loads of both languages and am gutted. Well, less so Spanish from already speaking it a bit but even so - all my tenses and shit.

Going to join that group anyway, thanks @ma0sm

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I got to the end of German a while back. Just logged in for the first time, and it’s either added more or takes away points after a while. The higher levels are very frustrating. They try to teach you very weird ways of saying things and won’t accept ways people say things in real life (until enough people give feedback to them that’s it’s wrong).

The less said about the communal translation exercises the better. There’s a reason textbooks carefully select and grade language for learning translation rather than giving you random chunks of Wikipedia.


Have you had a go with the chat bots yet? Seem a wee bit more realistic?

Nah, would prefer to talk to real people.

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I’ve got shamefully lax with this lately! :pensive:

Accidental quote?

Hahah yes, accidental on my mobile, but appropriate!


Didn’t even realise you could quote on the mobile version.

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Well I’m too much of a wuss to chat to real people, I find it too hard :frowning:

Up to level 11 Italian, but I find having actual lessons much more helpful. It’s fine for vocabulary, but I’d struggle to maintain a conversation from Duolingo alone.

Also I’m not sure the people who did the Russian were taking it particularly seriously.

Aber deine Freundin? Kannst mit ihr sprechen, ohne Scheuheit?

The computer generated voice on the Russian is bad as well.

Duolinguo denies you these pleasures.


This is also way more fun than Duolingo. (And will teach you more vocab about concrete)

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Ja, ihr mutter und vater auch

Aber, ich habe angst ohne! :hushed:

Werde betrunken, dann Deutsch sprechen. Angst verschwindet.

Result - they’ve finally added Greek. Going to get me some of that…

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