Haha toll, ich bin betrunken immer!

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Just set up a profile to learn French again but looks like the club is only for Spanish? :frowning:️ Also it reckons I am 15% fluent in French which is clearly nonsense

Went on a big run with this in the summer, then started doing actual Spanish classes as part of my masters. Might take it up again just for regularity

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Trying to Hebrew, but it’s annoying as they don’t teach you the alef-bet and I keep forgetting where the letters are when you shift your keyboard to עברית.

Good little time-waster this.

I’ve spent the last 2 hours of work time learning Spanish.

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Soy un caballo. Hablo inglés.


What do I click to join the clubs?

Club is Spanish only, yo.

Deutschclub, bitte.


And will teach you more vocab about concrete.

@marckee - we’ve got work to do.

You, I, @_Em @sarahispi represent

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You can only do it on the app, not desktop

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Made a start on the Deutsch thread. Need to go back and finish it.

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To be clearer, the computerised voice seems to have trouble with the sound of ть, де and лю, and it does things like sometimes pronounce это as eto rather than eta like the great majority of Russians, and it doesn’t really make it clear that what is written as an o is usually pronounced like an a unless it’s stressed. It also doesn’t make it clear that it’s often important to pronounce the difference between sounds like т and ть - like матъ is mother, and мат is swearing.

Also doesn’t tell you that words like это (that/this/it) and я (I) are actually pronouns rather than verbs, and it’s normal to leave out the verb is in Russian in the present tense. (The actual words for I am, you are, etc are есмь, еси́, есть but they rarely get used).

Welcome to the club

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Didn’t realise it was language specific, will update the title.

Sean it won’t let me logout
(Can’t see anyway to update the name)

There are a few people in the group whose names I don’t recognise, not sure if that’s from this thread or just randoms picking up the group because it’s got the best name.

Decided to start German, I did German from year 7 to 9 at school and loved it but dropped it before GCSE and I’ve always regretted it. Might do French too, I have half a degree in it but am so out of practice it’s embarrassing

Hey join the non-existent party!

I’ve been struggling away with the Spanish duolingo. I’m 3% fluent at the moment. Getting really good at naming clothes and animals. I might join the group!