Duran Duran on Sky Arts ffs



On at the moment banging on in a really self indulgent way about how they made their music as if they were Pink Floyd or something.:grin:

They were a fucking shit MTV band who made glossy videos marketed at 12 year old girls. An absolute embarrassment to the great musical legacy of Birmingham.


Their new album has contributions from yer man from Mew and Lindsay Lohan.

Duran Duran are quite rare in an 80s band who have continuously been quite good through the years. The Reflex is a 10/10 pop song


Not a fan but they wrote good songs that reflect the production of the time. I mean if you pick up the tab and bash them out you can see they were fine.

Not revolutionary maybe but then nor was most of what we remember the Beatles for.


Certainly by the standards of today’s boy bands they at least had some ability to write and play songs. But you should have heard them on this doc, taking themselves really seriously and talking about the importance of their music.

The only important thing about them was their proof that lavish videos became hugely significant in the 1980s.


Your last sentence does not make any sense.


Erm they werent a boyband though? They may seem a bit naff now but at the time, they were good and likw I say, still makibg albums now and still evolving


The Durans are much better than the floyd. Had songs youd want to hear more than once


Now look here.


but this song


I was a teenager at the time and the only people I knew who considered them good were teenage girls who fancied them. Everyone else I knew thought they were a joke.


Probably the worst bit about the OP is the implicit suggestion that Pink Floyd weren’t terrible.


Everyone you knew were idiots then


The bassline in Rio though…Majestic


they’re fine tbh, bit pompous


Surprised there are so many DD fans on here to be honest. Fine if you like them, life’s too short to argue about other people’s tastes. Obviously I think they’re absolute wank but each to their own.


i mean Sky Arts isn’t exactly the pinnacle of high culture either


I wouldn’t worry mate, its just like when everyone started pretending Bruce Springsteen wasn’t a huge steaming pile of shite a few years back.


I’m not sure they deserve discussion tbh


Why did you make this thread then


Strange question. To express an opinion.