Dust Dust

It’s astonishing how unaware we are of the dust that is all around us until the sunlight strikes through the crack in our curtains.

Is there enough mileage for a thread on dust*?

Please note not on dusting although it may be mentioned.

(fucking five characters)

Underrated album from last year tbh tbf…


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Dust, Dust, Dust, Dust, Dusty, Dusty, Dust, Dust

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I don’t understand this…

Dust is everywhere

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I removed the words from the stick song and replaced them with the word dust for your pleasure. I now see that this was intellectually too powerful for you. many apologies.

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What ‘stick song’?

It’s from Sarah & Duck

I don’t watch reality TV…

thought this was a Little Britain thread

I was thinking that you don’t really see Matt Lucas anymore earlier today (don’t remember any dust though).

apparently hes in this

looks shit


Inadvertently given permission to post this

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Thought I heart you callin mah name now

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To be fair this has actually freaked me out a bit.

I hate dust. What’s the point.

Someone will take you to see a manatee.

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Stop shedding skin then! You are part of the problem, be part of the solution!